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3/25/13 12:28 P

Counting calories is never stressful for me, but part of that is because I do so much planning in advance and learn as I go what food combinations add up to the right numbers. When I write the grocery list for the week I decide what I am going to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner of each day, and I pick one or two things I can have as a snack if I need more food-- AND I DON'T BUY ANYTHING ELSE. Then for the whole week I don't have to think about it again as long as I measure the correct portions.

For me, it hasn't taken long to figure out how my "staple" favorite foods go together. For example, I know that lately I like to eat popcorn as a mid morning snack, and a banana and/or luna bar in the afternoon, and soup or a sandwich for lunch. I know off the top of my head without having to count that if I eat the popcorn and the sandwich, I can only have the banana-- but if I eat the popcorn and one particular soup I like, then I can have the luna bar, and if i eat another certain soup I can have the luna bar AND the banana. Since I already know these food combos fit together I don't have to recount and tally them every time as long as I measure the portion.

In the past if I just tracked as I went along I ended up feeling too hungry and either eating more than I should, or feeling deprived, and eventually I quit because it was too stressful. For me, it is a lot easier to just decide well in advance and do all my math for the week at one time-- or even my math for the day each morning. And then I can't overeat in the morning by accident and feel like I'm starving all afternoon to compensate. I don't think it's enough just to track, you have to plan in advance and make your decisions when you're not under pressure with a donut right in front of you.

3/25/13 4:49 A

Eat an apple or an orange for a snack with fiber that fills you up!

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3/24/13 8:16 P

Are you eating enough protein? Try upping your protein and cutting back on carbohydrates. This gives a steady energy burn through the day, less swings of insulin, and generally cuts down on hunger.

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3/24/13 7:02 P

You may be eating too few calories to support the amount of caloric expenditure during your workouts. Perhaps it would be a good idea to monitor when you feel hunger pangs and then eat. Your body tells you when you need nourishment. It would be a good idea to always snack in between breakfast lunch and dinner.

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3/24/13 8:12 A

Eat oatmeal before a work out with slivered almonds or walnuts...eating low carb ...Having good insulin sensitivity means that the body can more easily take sugar from the bloodstream, allowing muscles to use it for fuel...I used to love pasta no more! Balance your pre-workout meal with a protein and a carbohydrate..0% Fage Plain Greek yogurt with blueberries, Eggs or egg whites on rye toast.....rye toast digest slowly and will help you stay full. Get it sliced thinly.

Eating protein 1/2 hour after exercise will help repair and rebuild muscles...Brown Rice cereal provides and replenishes depleted glycogen after a work out and it is also good to have some Dark Chocolate ( about 2 squares) to aid with muscle sorness.

Researchers from the University of Michigan discovered that what you eat following a workout may trigger different metabolic responses... bouts of exercise all improved insulin sensitivity, but it was especially enhanced when the session included the low carb meal.

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3/14/13 10:46 A

I totally agree with you Kiwi. I haven't reached my goal yet but when I do I will not leave spark people and tracking. How many people do you know of that have lost weight and gain it all back just because they resort back to there old ways. Tracking for me keeps me accountable.

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3/13/13 10:18 P

Ii have always used my Nutrition Tracker. It was extremely instrumental in helping me to reach my goal. It helped to keep me focused and gave me the ability to tweak as and when needed. I have been at my goal for a long time now - well over a year - but I STILL weigh and measure all my food and STILL enter it into the tracker. This has prevented me from slipping back to where I don't want to go again!

Kris xx

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3/13/13 8:49 P

I have only used my tracker once or twice. I will give it a try. Maybe once I get the hang of what I need I wont need it as much:-) Thanks for the support. It helped me not eat my way through the afternoon.

P.S. I like the cold baked potato idea!

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3/13/13 7:53 P

Do you use your Nutrition Tracker? If so, it will make life a LOT easier for you overall. You will discover the foods that help to keep you fuller for longer - it will ensure that you stay in your calorie range. It will enable you to tweak your intake as and when needed. I know it may seem like my suggestion will cause you to focus on food all the time, but in actual fact, it frees you up. If you aren't meeting your calorie range, or are at the lower end, then it might be that you need to add a couple snacks through the day to help, but try to incorporate smart carbs and protein to the mix.

I like salads, and they fill me for the short-term, but not for the longer term, and they also don't provide as much fibre as I would otherwise eat. Others people don't need to focus on fiber, and the salads fill them beautifully.

I find a cold baked potato to be very filling - I sometimes make one and stuff it with cottage cheese, spring onions, capsicum etc. and then take it for lunch if I am going out somewhere. That is generally very filling - a cold baked potato has a much lower GI than a hot one.


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3/13/13 7:38 P

It seems so overwhelming to focus that much on food. It is one of the reasons dieting has never worked well for me. I feel like I end up thinking about food all the time, what I can eat, what I shouldn't eat, and what is best exec.... I know I need to pay more attention to calories and what type of foods I eat ( fiber, good fats exec...) but is there a way to make it a little less overwhelming?

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3/13/13 6:13 P


You should not have to go hungry to lose weight. Are you eating some protein, healthy fats and fiber with your post exercise meal? These nutrients take our body's longer to digest so that tend to keep us fuller longer, too. But don't forget to add a little carb to make sure you replenish those glycogen stores.

Coach Nancy

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3/13/13 6:10 P

First, make sure you are eating enough. It might seem a little silly to say that, but when you start a fitness routine, especially if you also cut calories, it is possible that you are not eating quite enough each day. Plug your numbers into spark and see what food range it gives you. Then track your food religiously for a few days and see where you end up. Are you eating in your range? Meeting minimums for protein, fat, fiber, etc? From there you can adjust if needed.

Also, make sure you are drinking enough water since dehydration can feel like hunger.

Another thing that I know is true for me- When I switch my work outs, or add intensity or weight in strength training, I end up being hungrier for a week or two after the change. So I eat a little more to compensate and then I can go back to eating a lower amount if I want.

Best of luck.

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3/13/13 5:26 P

I have been back and forth with exercise for a long time. I have made a commitment to myself that I will no longer slack off. The only problem is I feel so hungry all the time when I am exercising on a regular basis. I have tried eating a small something before I work out, not eating until after I workout, and eating two breakfasts about 2 to 3 hours apart. Any suggestions???

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