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3/20/13 9:08 P

Also, keep in mind that sparkpeople doesn't necessarily encourage you to eat more on the days you exercise or less on the days you don't. You should be within your range on any given day. I'm usually hungrier on my rest days. That is when you are recovering and rejuvenating your muscles, as dragonchilde explained to me.

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3/20/13 2:23 P

Starvation mode is a poorly understood and often overused concept.

Coach Dean made a WONDERFUL explanation in the forums a while back, and I bookmarked it, because it explains what starvation mode is, isn't, and what it all means.

HEre it is:

Scroll down to Coach Dean's response.

3/20/13 11:30 A

JESSICAMONT32, I underestimated how many calories I needed and it stalled my weight loss attempts for over a year. I was eating 1200 calories and working out daily, but when I cranked my calorie intake to 1700 cals/day, I started losing. Not eating enough is definitely tricky.

I usually eat 1/4 of an avocado. I slice it in half, then halve the half. I count it as 70 calories.

Once I, like you, realized I needed to ADD calories instead of cutting them, I added more nut butter, nuts, and Greek yogurt to my servings. My most favorite thing that I added to get more calories was blending a 1/2 cup of plain shredded wheat, a small sliced frozen banana, a cup of unsweetened almond milk into a smoothie mixture. I can drink it on the way to work.

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I thought I would just put it out there. I am comptetely surprised....I went a head and in put all my food. I have been eating for the last couple of days on here ....what I thought I was eating at about 1900 to 1950 calories is only more like 1500.....I guess my writing in notebook I have messed up. No wonder my weightloss stalled, not eating enough. Now I don't know what else to incorporate into my diet, I have been feeling full at this calorie range, thinking I am eating enough ....thinking maybe avacaado on my salads but how do measure avacaado

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3/19/13 8:38 P

Hi thank you for the replies. I was just thinking today maybe I should get some labs done. Since I have a history of ovarian cancer and no longer have ovaries . Had surgery last June that removed my remaining ovary ...I am now on estrogen replacement and wondering if this is what affecting my weight loss efforts. I don't mind losing slower but seeing nothing for so long is making me very discouraged. Losing slower is good I know , also I don't want to decrease my running volume because I get so much enjoyment from it but I m starting to think maybe I should incorporate another complete rest day in my schedule. Instead of one have two, maybe my body needs two days a week....ahhh I am not sure.i will keep plugging least I am not gaining that is a good thing

3/19/13 8:26 P

I'm not an expert so please do some additional research before changing up your routine. I did a lot of aerobic exercise (jogging/running) in the past and I seemed to gain weight or maintain. I didn't have that lean runner's body that were featured in the running magazines! Two years ago I discovered boot-camp workouts & was able to lose while building muscle - I alternated between "sprints" and strength-training 5-6 days a week with core exercises during each workout. The workouts are tough, especially in the beginning, but I stuck with them and had great results. And I got strong! The workout series that I used was produced by Dustin Maher "Fit Moms for Life: - I'm not a mom but I liked the DVDs because Dustin uses some of his "moms" to demonstrate the exercises. I think Nicole on SP also has some "bootcamp" videos. Good luck!

3/19/13 8:23 P

Your weight loss is going to be much slower now, since you are nearing your goal weight.
I also suggest a check up with your doctor for a complete lab work up. Especially checking thyroid function and iron stores, etc. Just wanting to make sure you cover all the bases. Not everything is adding up as you describe.

You can try the higher calorie range for the next 3-4 weeks and monitor your weight loss results. See what happens and report back.

SP Dietitian Becky

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3/19/13 6:49 P

I was averaging over the last several months around 1500 to 1700 a day...not adjusting to how much workout when I ran 12 miles once a week I would still eat 1500 to 1700...then was was informed to eat way more....... I m a stay at home house work and play dates take up my days....before I was eating lots of bread...but in calories range...and a lot more packaged foods like crackers, animal crackers, fishies( gold fish) those are my weakness and the last week and half I cut out most of all that stuff, and eating more Quineo, sweet pottos ..more veggies. I have also started larger breakfast...I used to eat a much smaller breakfast. I also eat 2or three serving of fresh fruit a day..usually two bananas and a apple or fresh berries

3/19/13 6:37 P

How many calories were you eating on average, before the recent increase in calorie intake?
What type of job, work, activities do you have the rest of the day when not exercising?


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3/19/13 6:34 P

I m 33 just under 5'4"

3/19/13 6:33 P

How tall are you?
What is your age?

SP Dietitian Becky

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3/19/13 6:04 P

Can someone p,ease tell me if I have this right. I have lost around 45 pounds since last spring and am still looking to lose another twenty. I have been struggling since nov to get Down below 140. Have lost only five lbs since then ..very slowly and frustrating since I am super active... I run about 27 to 33 miles a week. Circut train 3 days a week and spin one or two days a week for 20 mintues. I have been advised to up my calories and over the last week and half. I have. Averaging 1950 on the days I am burning 600 calories( I purchased a heart rate monitor ) to gage my calorie burn and I eat more like 2200 on the day I run 12 miles and the days. I don't work out I stay around 1400 to 1500 calories.

Big question am I doing the math right that if I burn say 600 calories and eat 1900 to 1950. That would leave me with around 1300 to 1350 for total calories consumed or should I be eating 1500ish then subtract 600 for my calories burned but that would leave me with only 900 calories my body is living on . I do know that is way to little to live on

I have tried switching workouts up...and I actually have cut how long I workout down ALOT I used to do 90 mintues a day every day but got burned out.....I am enjoying working out again don't want to go back there but also can't understand why I am not making gains...Not losing inches either ...I have started eating all whoe more processed or packaged foods( though I have a cheat meal at least twice a week...not over calories but packaged food or something...any insight is greatly apprieciated....also wondering is calorie cycling worth it ...

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