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3/28/11 5:41 P

I have been getting some very good advice and ideas. Thanks to all who have responded so far.

3/28/11 10:18 A

Are you lifting weights? If not, that's one great way to boost your metabolism. Loss of muscle mass as we age is one big reason for weight gain and for stalled weight loss.

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3/28/11 8:24 A

Good advice. I might also like to add that my doctor told me that our body gets use to doing the same exercise and I needed to vary my exercises drastically to fool my body to get my metabolism burning again.
I was also just eating salads basically, and he told me i wasn't losing weight, despite exercising two hours six days a week because I was in starvation mode. He told me I needed more calories, especially protein to sustain that amount of exercise.
It is really possible that you are in starvation mode also and need more food, not less. As others have stated, it's not about calories in and calories used as much as eating healthy and wisely.

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3/26/11 9:27 P

it could depend on how you are getting those calories also. I know my husband would have a really hard time if he was eating only 1350 or 1400 calories a day.'

are you eating breakfast?
are you eating those calories spread five times a day? mini meals of 300 or 400 calories, more often might bump your metabolism a bit.

i like the ideas previously posted also.
mainly...don't get stuck in a rut. Up the veggies, change foods and activity around.

have a great weekend. ferret.

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3/25/11 4:35 P

There really are no hard and fast rules about calorie
levels. Averages just do not work for an individual.
You have to test what works for you. My husband
in his late sixties is losing weight eating around
1800 per day. He is not able to do very much
exercise or other activities due to a limiting disability.
Yet he is losing, albeit slowly. He has lost about
25 pounds in 14 months.

I really think that losing slowly is so much better.
As we are older, we have developed more patience. emoticon
and have more perspective on the long run.

There is so much more to losing weight than calories
in and out. This is even more true as we age. That is
why so many complain about slow weight loss in this forum.

Insulin resistance and inflammation play a big role in
how our bodies respond to food. Stress hormones also impact
our ability to lose pounds. The types of carbs and fats
we are eating factor in as well. And our overall nutrition
levels will impact our bodies willingness to let go
of stored fat.

I found that when I began eating the healthiest foods
and giving myself excellent nutrition, I could actually
eat about 30% more and still lose weight. When
I combined that with high intensity interval training,
3 days a week, I really saw results. Still it did take
time. Once I saw that my approach was working,
I patiently moved toward my goals.

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3/25/11 9:33 A

I am having trouble continuing to lose weight. I wonder if I am hitting the "starvation mode". I see articles that say a man's minimum should be 1500 calories to be healthy. Yet, a recent blog from Jen Mueller states as follows: "Enjoy a low-calorie, low-fat diet. The average NWCR member consumes 1,380 calories per day, and less than 30 percent of these calories come from fat". This seems to contradict the rule of 1500 calorie minimum for men and comes close to the 1300 calorie for women. My calorie intake is about 1300-1400 calories. I get 300-400 exercise minutes/week. Am I hitting the starvation mode?

What are your experiences?

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