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LOSE4LIFE47 Posts: 69,265
1/22/13 9:32 A

Welcome back!! YOU CAN DO IT!! Best wishes to you in reaching your goals. Keep up the good work that u have been doing.

SWIMOM Posts: 366
1/22/13 9:23 A

Good morning. This is my starting over post.

The last time I was on here I weighed somewhat less than today. I had gotten a little lazy with daily life activities, especialy after having to give up my one true sporting love following a nasty shoulder injury. I let myself gain up to 188 pounds. Sparkpeople seemed to have what I needed to track myself happens! Now I'm back.

As it is, thyroid disease makes it harder for people to lose and stay there without constant effort. Add a grueling knee injury (reinjury) and what seemed like forever to repair and heal, and it gets even harder. The other knee then felt lonely and followed suit. I never realized just how long a torn soleus muscle, AC, and meniscus takes to heal. It has really been a tough couple of years joint-wise. Seems like yesterday I was lifting weights and playing softball 5 days a week.

While I'm not 100%, I started walking in October, so-so pain free. I'll never again be the athlete I used to be. I can be healthier again. I've missed being active and I'm grateful to function normally again for the most part. emoticon

I began a walking effort in October and built up to 1-2.5 miles everyday. Since December, I've been able to work my way back into the gym 5-6 days a week. Today, The ole knees will allow me to to sustain 30-45 minutes on the treadmill at a 2-10% incline, 2.8 -3 MPH. Wish it could be faster but, I am not pusing my luck just yet. I am also able to do many of the weight machines again too! As a result, my lower body thanks me and I've lost several inches and a size in recent weeks. Since that first exhausting October day, trudging 7/10 of a mile, I've lost maybe 15 pounds or so. As of today, I will start tracking my weight again 200 pounds even.

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