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4/11/12 10:09 P

Welcome to SparkPeople! You'll find lots of support, information and inspiration here. All the best on achieving your goals!

RG_DFW SparkPoints: (145,817)
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4/11/12 11:01 A

emoticon Welcome to SparkPeople!
Are you competitive by nature? One of my daily goals is to hit 100 SparkPoints. When I do that, I've not only read articles, I've interacted with other members by reading and commenting on their blogs and writing my own blog. 100 points gets me here and gets me active each and every day.

When I started, I made the commitment to workout daily and write a blog about it. On days when I don't feel like doing it, I think about the blog I need to write and I certainly do NOT want to write that I was lazy and did not work out.

Maintain your SparkPage with your weight loss tracker on it for all to see. Write your goals (that's what all the goal-setting gurus write about) and make the goals public on your page. Write about it on your blog every day.

Weight loss = calorie maintenance, cardio, and strength. Calorie maintenance is every day, cardio is at least five days per week, and strength is 3 to 4 days per week. I believe you need all three for a successful weight loss and fitness program.

Above all, be consistent. Doing something toward you goal every day will pay big rewards over the next few months or a year. You can do this!

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4/11/12 10:21 A

It sounds like you are off to a great start. Keep that momentum & positives thoughts & you can do anything!!!

NSTARSMITH Posts: 3,650
4/11/12 10:11 A

Welcome back, Kimberly. I really do get your trouble with the positivity thing. When you are feeling low and ashamed, it looks impossible. You are right, though, that grabbing hold of the positives is so much more effective than hanging on to the negatives. Attitude is everything, as they say. I have got lots of struggles but not nearly as many as some of the Sparkliest Sparkers whose stories I admire. I have come to find their inspirational blogs and posts very helpful. I hope this time you get infected by the positive attitude bug! Ok, that sounds weird, but hopefully you know what I mean. In any case, have some fun, too!

GODEYOT Posts: 18
4/11/12 9:57 A

Hello fellow sparkers! I am going to give this another try. I just finished reading 'Confessions of a Carb addict', and it touched a cord with how raw and honest she was. Part of my discouragement in the past were the inspirational stories - as CRAZY as that sounds, I felt so far removed from those achievements, hopeless. Now I'm beginning to see that the positivity doesn't mean that it hasn't been a struggle, it likely means that you get nothing from dwelling on the negativity of your situation. I'm hoping to gain some strength from the positivity this time around.

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