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1/1/14 9:10 P

Hey FitMommy! Welcome back to Spark! :)

The fact that your here is already a good step in the right direction - that you signed up. And the fact that you're reaching out for support and motivation is another good step in the right direction! Two steps already done! Woohoo! ;-)

Check out some of the spark teams -- I was part of one called Emotional Eaters for a bit (
) It helps to have others to talk to that feel the same way, and a lot of good articles you can read. You can search teams for "emotional" and it comes up with several groups, and some binge-eating help groups as well!

Also, there is a spark challenge that you can start at any time called "Tame Your Sweet Tooth" (
) I think their goal is 100% no sugar, but you can start wherever you're at! Baby steps are still steps forward!!!! Maybe track what your intake is now, so you can see even small progress that is made. Don't try to take giant leaps if you're not ready to. That's okay!!

For me, I find that my body craves what I eat. The more sugar/coffee/fat/salt I have, the more I crave those foods. So instead of focusing completely on "do not have that!" I tried to "crowd out" instead of "cut out" but adding in more and more healthy food. If I had a big salad that day but then still "slipped" and had ice cream, I knew that at least I put good nutrients and heath into my body, even if I then put in other things I was trying to avoid. And the more veggies/nutrient-rich foods I added, slowly the cravings for sweets lessened to something more manageable.

Food is addicting!! Be kind to yourself :) Addictions are hard to break for everyone, and food is sometimes even worse because it's everywhere, and it's a part of so many social, comforting rituals.

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1/1/14 2:14 P

Thanks guys, some really great pointers :) I'm ready for this change.

SCOOTSMOM50 SparkPoints: (2,512)
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12/24/13 11:12 A

First DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP! You picked one of the worst times to begin dieting,( and lets stop calling it that. Lets call it unhealthy eating) Okay I know it's "that time of year" but the candy and other junk is a trigger for you, so simply do not bring it into the house, don't buy it, and when you go to the grocery store, bypass the candy Isle alltogether.

Don't buy candy as a gift, because you know despite all of your good intentions, it's going to end up opened with YOU eating it. Stick to a healthy eating plan of some sort. Homemade Oatmeal with cinnamon, a few crushed walnuts and made a sprinkle of sugar or artificial sweetner of your choice, and an 8oz. glass of skim milk, is not only delicious, but it's filling anf very healthy. Take some small berries, like blueberries or raspberries, put them in a small bag and toss them in the freezer. Dump them in a owl and take them in whatever room you are working in, insteadof a candy bar, reach for some of the berries. Have a sensible lunch, maybe a half a sandwch (turkey, tuna, chicken), and a small salad, with a piece of fruit or a cookie,( provided you can disipline yourself to just one or two and no more than that). At night a sensible and healthy dinner ( portion control) A small dessert is fine, again as long as you keep it small and only one serving. Keep the same snacks that you have for your kids, chesse or peanut butter and crackers on hand for you. Read your labels and heed the serving sizes. The constant eating you seem to be doing, looks more like just a bad habit than an actual need. It was a hard thing for me to do too. I just take a step back, and ask if I am hungry or if I just want it because it looks or tastes good. I am also a type II Diabetic so I have no choice but to watch what I eat. The Holidays are a special challenge because of the abundance of "goodies" around. Also since you are a stay at home Mom, try to fit in a half hour of exercise a day, and it doesn't have to be strenuous, a simple walk, or maybe a fitness DVD,( Zumba is my favorite because it's like dancing)

The fact isnb't that you are "starting over again" It's the fact that you are here, you made the committment. At least for a while,( maybe a few months), make it about eating a healthier diet and replacing bad habits with healthier ones and trying to move a bit during the day. If you make it all about that number on the scale you will drive yourself crazy and want to give up when it doesn't move as fast or as much as you want it to. So take your weight out of the equation. If you feel as if you are always hungry, talk to your Doctor about putting you on an appetite suppressant,( temporarily) to help get you on the right trackj and break the always eating habit.( as you stomach shrinks from not always filling it, just start eating healthier and you;'ll find you won't need as much to satisfy your hunger.

But like i said at the beginning: Don't Beat Yourself UP. When and if you fall, just get up and continue from there. Don't give up for the day because you've "already blown it" And of course getting a complete physical first can also help, discuss the problem with your Dr. and ask him or her to check the hormone levels, make sure that everything else is okay.

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12/24/13 1:05 A

Another thought: if you haven't had a medical evaluation in awhile, it might be time to check in with your Doctor. Hormonal changes can wreck havoc on the most dedicated person; and its a fact of Life for many of us that we do change as time passes. You could ask for a referral to work one-on-one with a Registered Dietician for help in beating the sugar/high carb addiction too....!
Best Wishes for a Happy and Very Healthy New Year!!

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12/23/13 12:50 P

Welcome back. I rode the exhausting rollercoaster of sugar/flour addiction for a long time so I understand how miserable it is. Relief came for me when I recognized it and realized I didn't need or want the chaos of constant blood glucose fluctuation. My energy and my moods are so much steadier; I feel like a completely different person when I treat my body right by not putting garbage in it.

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12/23/13 5:41 A

It alright try not to focus on what you reached and where you are now because I think that part of I shouldn't have let myself is what ruins us and sometimes keeps us moving backward. Just remember that once you start the first 2 weeks might be hard but after that you're body and emotional state will start thanking you and you'll start feeling better and more in control. My advise would be do your exercise as soon as you wake up that why you'd be be proud of your hard work and will most likely thinking twice before undoing it and putting anything that you shouldn't into your mouth. Best of luck and we're all here to support you!

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12/22/13 8:55 A

I am right there with you. I was 36 lbs down in 2010 and just went off the ranch. Quit working out , starting eating like I had one day left to live. I had to stop. First I had to make myself get on the scale every day. It keeps me honest. Then I just started working out again. Slow at first and now I am back to regular workouts and watching what I eat. I know for me this will be a lifetime of keeping myself honest with food. Food is my addiction and I have to treat it as such.

Still looking for that healthy lifestyle for life.

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12/22/13 8:13 A

Hi Everyone.

So this is the nth time i am 'starting over' on Sparkpeople. Since my first success on here in 2010 I regained pretty much all the weight. We were recently in Germany for 3 weeks where I gained about 10 lbs or 5kg and now I just can't seem to stop eating. I would eat breakfast with my family, then go wrapping up Christmas presents and eat a chocolate bar I bought for someones gift. And I don't mean a little twix or something, no a 100g Lindt bar, or most of a package of Tofefee or Ferrero Rocher. And that is before lunch! You can imagine what the rest of the day would look like. I am one of those Moms who most of the time makes very healthy meals for my familiy. My kids get fruits and veggies with cheese and crackers for snacks as an example. I know all there is to know about healthy eating, nutrition, ratios, exercise. Yet, I can not get myself to eat healthy for a day. I'm not sure if it's emotional eating, but I suppose it could be. It could also be boredom, but most of the time I feel completely out of control. My body seems to be on override and make me eat whatever it wants to satisfy it's insatiable need for sugar and if it can't have that it'll take just about anything else. I sometimes try to counter act with coffee, that seems to help a bit, but honestly I am starting to feel like my mind is stuck in a robot. I think I have a very serious dependence on sugar and eating. I get antsy, angry, anxious when I am not eating. Can you guys tell me how you are dealing with this sort of thing, if that is your problem as well, specifically if you've managed to beat it. I sometimes am able to keep a lid on it if I exercise daily, but even then it's very difficult, and I need to learn how to control my emotions?, myself when I am not at home, in other words travelling or whatever, because we do that quite a lot. I am otherwise a stay at home Mom with 1 kid in school and one at home. Christmas/ Advent so far has been really bad for my eating. I keep rationalizing chocolate purchases as gifts and for entertaining, but it's obviously not a good idea. Either way, the way I am not in control right now is freaking me out and I can use all the support I can get. Thanks emoticon

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