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6/12/13 8:17 A

Yesterday was a total success. Yeah me!!! I was able to exercise for 45 minutes At lunchtime (insanity program ply metrics cardio circuit) and another 3 hours of cycling in the afternoon at an average speed of 18 mph (rode 50 miles). I went over in my allotted calories, but I needed to in order to remain active. Here is the trouble I run into though. I have to eat less than I burn to lose weight, yet I have to eat enough so I don't bonk on my rides. I also did last night. Perhaps, I need to look into changing the quality of food rather than the quality. Eat less food with more of the nutrition I need to complete my workouts and still end the day with a deficit.

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6/12/13 4:11 A

Keep going.

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6/11/13 8:41 A

My first attempt at weight loss with spark people was April 15 and fell apart by Mid-may. Typical type A personality fails me again with the all or none outlook. Seeing very disappointing results after all the logging and blogging, the one weight in my weight went up, that was it for me. I took a break. During my break I did not binge and I did in fact work out most days which allowed me to at least maintain my weight and not make things worse.

I am ready to try again. This time with a daily journal to reflect on throughout the journey. So... Yesterday I quit my job after just over 10 years. I feel lighter already. I wasn't stressing about bedtime, I didn't have to wake up at 5am, and now I am drinking my morning coffee in my pj's and most importantly... It's still hot!!! That is a first for me as I'm usually sipping the same cold cup at 2pm when working. I have enough savings to get me by for awhile too so I'm not even stressing about that. It feels good, but what a scary move!!!

So time should not be an excuse not to succeed here, nor should lack of energy, nor should the overwhelming stress from the days work come into play to block me mentally from a good workout. My biggest concern now is the binge. Home all day with all the food. I have built myself a solid eating plan so I would not be so tempted to grab snacks. Every two hours I get to eat something healthy so we'll see how that goes.

I will be working out twice a day. I started the insanity DVDs yesterday with a fit test. And then I will exercise with my fiance when he gets home from work. Probably a grueling bike ride. Dinner is my last challenge. Working out so late, I can't eat before or I will get sick with all the bouncing. Eating after has me going to bed with a full tummy. So I have asked my fiancé to support me in this and if he would be willing to eat a larger and later lunch at work and a smaller post-workout dinner. He is good with that since he usually eats out for lunch and has a sandwich before he works out (I just can't do it). So out dinners will be smaller and the workout can actually burn more than dinner and maybe I will break through this weight wall.

Ok so that's the plan. I'll be logging and blogging once again. Good luck to me!!!

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