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1/9/12 5:35 P

2012 - starting a new year and a new year. Best of luck to you.

1/7/12 7:55 A

Stay positive and focus hope you have a great 2012

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1/1/12 11:56 A

Best of luck, Denise! It sounds like you have had a rough few years. Let 2012 be a new beginning for you!

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12/29/11 1:26 P

I am quite the newbie... but since I am venturing out in new ways thought I would try my hand at writing my first ever post on any site. This past year I have suffered 15 deaths, 7 were family members and 2 were my parents. The holidays have revealed how much I put my parents illnesses over my wellness. Since 2002 my life has been constantly redirected by the needs of my parents. Little did I know how much their illness, had become my co-dependant illness. While they were dying, I was dying with them. Now that they are gone, I have come to the realization, that I have to start living again and restore some sense of vitality to my life. So my catch phrase from 2011 was... "2011 year my family went to heaven". So had to create one for 2012.... So the new phrase "Starting anew in 20 1 2.... Not many words rhyme with 12.... Challenging myself to practice self control, losing weight, getting off my blood pressure medicine and restoring my well being.... Thanks for reading.. Denise

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