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8/6/12 10:21 A

You can totally do this! Congrats on your baby! Don't forget that it's easy to get extra exercise time in during the summer months. Stick the baby in the stroller at naptime and get in a nice long walk or run! Best of luck!

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8/4/12 8:10 P

congrats on your baby!

you can do it!

sparkpeople has so many great resources to keep you motivated!

take baby steps. i think it is easier to stay on track if you start with small goals and go from there.

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8/4/12 4:02 P

Back again... I am very excited actually and extremely motivated to start again after my baby delivery... my baby is 9 weeks old now and i gained ALOT of weight during my pregnancy ( jumped from 87.5 kilos to 100.5 kilos)...!!! now i,m 99 kilos and here I go.....i thank God who gave me the inner strength and hope, then i thank the sparkers who boosted me with energy from their fascinating videos and inspirations...... I had a dream and i turned it into a goal... I'll loose 42 kilos in a year (God willingly)

If they did it, then I can do it .... emoticon emoticon emoticon

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