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SE2832 Posts: 31
8/22/13 10:44 A

I know how you feel, I'm in the same boat. I'm not concentrating/dwelling on the losing of what I gained back, it will come off. I am analyzing why I did gain it back and getting ideas for my maintainence plan: Building my recipe box, deciding when to weigh in, developing a sustainable meal planning/portion control system, figuring out how to deal with lunch out at work--just all the stuff I ignored because I was in 'diet phase' instead of 'lifestyle change' mode.

Best Wishes!

BRITOMART Posts: 8,145
8/22/13 9:00 A

Hi, Jaylene.

Don't 'start over.' It's like admitting failure. Instead, GO ON. I doubt that losing weight is the only part of your life where there have been ups/downs, good/bad moments. The success/failure mentality is rarely helpful in living, and it's definitely not helpful in any process like losing weight or getting healthy.

As a pp suggested, more information would be helpful for anyone wanting to offer suggestions. In general, though, inflexibility is a huge reason people have troubles. Cutting out ALL of a favorite food, insisting on maintaining an unrealistic set of expectations (exercise, calorie intake, whatever), making too many big changes at once--these are reasons we rebel from the inside and suddenly can find ourselves acting out against our better judgments.

Some people find a 6/7 regime works, or do what they call 'cheat' days (I don't care for the term or the idea, but it seems to work for a lot of folks to keep the discipline at a reasonable level).

Others find weighing/measuring before they taste anything to be a manageable strategy for long term success. (I have to do some of that; my eyes 'shrink' portions over time, so a cup of cereal can become quite amazingly large if I don't keep a scale/cup around).

Many find the community to be very helpful--either the message boards as you do, or building a more consistent relationship with others who share interests in a team.

Ultimately, the commitment to go on comes from within, and that needs our wholehearted interior cooperation.

Good success to you.

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8/22/13 8:48 A

Maybe if you could be more specific about why you gained it back (with yourself, not necessarily with us). You said you lost motivation, but in my opinion, a healthy lifestyle should not need 'motivation' - it should feel good, balanced, healthy and fun.

I lost 20lbs or so doing Weight Watchers a year ago. Then I lost my job, and the weight piled back on. It piled back on because my meals became more calorie-dense. It was the rebound from a diet that I now know was just too low in calories for my activity level.

Now, I eat 3 meals a day. It's the deal I've made with myself. I can choose to eat whatever I want, but only at 3 regular meal times a day. I still keep track of calories (but not 'monitor' or 'track' - I just know roughly how many I'm getting in each meal). It allows me to enjoy my food, not think about food too much, and right before each meal I'm hungry enough to properly enjoy it (though not starving).

My point is, when you find something that works - that allows you to lose weight, feel healthy, fuel your workouts and enjoy your food and your life, you won't need to worry about 'falling off' or 'losing motivation'. :)

That's just my 2 cents.

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8/21/13 10:55 P

Hi Jaylene!
I gained some back and stayed on a plateau for a while, but now I am on my way back down.

Did you use the community last time? Make a sparkpage and join teams?

Would love to support you, but I cannot add you if you don't have a page :)

JAYLENE42 Posts: 2
8/21/13 10:45 P

I lost 35 lbs. Then I hit a wall. The harder I tried to lose the more I gained. So I gave up. I lost my motivation. So after gaining back more than half, I have to start all over again. I'm so mad at myself I cant stand it. Any help or suggestions would be GREAT!!!

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