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1/23/13 10:31 A

I can relate to a lot of what is said...I have the best intentions of losing my weight but I get overwhelmed and stressed out...I am a single mom and I work full-time. I am a yo-yo dieter. My daughter is picking up my habits and gaining wait...and, I am realizing processed foods and sodas are addicting....trying to make better choices at the grocery store and when we eat out....we eat out too much, too. I am pre-diabetic with fatty liver, with risk of cardiovascular disease, and a benign cyst on my left kidney....this all freaks me out and motivated me to lose weight...I have lost almost 30 pounds from September by cutting out processed foods and soda but started again at the holidays with all the food....but I have been struggling ever since with in mind I still need to make these changes. I went the other day for my 3 month check up with blood tests to see what my levels are with these conditions.

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1/23/13 9:42 A

emoticon emoticon

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1/22/13 3:54 P

Good luck!! I am in the same boat!!!

1/22/13 3:51 P

I'm restarting too. I registered quite awhile ago with all the intentions in the world to do it. However, stressful work and other stressful situations seemed to take over and I basically just gave up. I'm starting a new job in about three weeks which should be significantly less stressful (I was recently laid off from the VERY stressful job) and I want/need to do something about my weight and my health.

How much weight are you hoping to lose? Any plan for how you are going to do it? I am reading the Mayo Clinic Diet book now along with a book called "Younger Next Year for Women". Both basically say the same thing -- stay away from the processed food and exercise. I've been trying to "shop the outside aisle" only of the grocery store, but haven't been as diligent about it as I should be. Also going to try to do some exercise (which I haven't done in YEARS).

Good luck!

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1/22/13 3:25 P

Welcome aboard!


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1/22/13 3:24 P

Great plan! emoticon

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1/22/13 3:11 P

I registerd a few months back, but did not stick to it. I have had health issues come up that I really need to get my weight off. It's so hard to do...I have been a yo-yo dieter all my life. Now, I am 47 and pre-diabetic with fatty liver and I am worried I cannot change this. I got back on Sparkpeople to keep track of my foods. And, to keep track and read up on all the information to help me succeed. Thanks!!!

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