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JUDYPOPPINS Posts: 17,679
1/2/13 9:42 P

It's was like reading my diary! Been there, done that. Was most successful when I stopped worrying about the scale and focused on healthy living (eating less, making healthier choices, fitting in exercise, taking care of myself). It took me ages to "get it" and I made it to goal. Stayed there for quite some time, then had a few physical setbacks, some meds and now I'm looking to lose those last 20 pounds again to get back to goal. We are a food obsessed society, but with a little effort to just be'll find yourself losing. It won't be quick, most likely, so you have to be patient (something hard for most of us) and you may have some setbacks. When I feel like just throwing in the towel, I look at the picture of me at my heaviest. I am SO much healthier now (and thinner too, but I try to focus on the health aspect). Make small changes that will give you some success. When you knees hurt less, you'll be glad you did. Exercise also helps with depression (I know it's the last thing you want to do, but even small amounts will make you feel better). And come to SP to get lots of support (at least for me, that's a really big component of any success I have).
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KYKAREN1 Posts: 19
1/2/13 8:25 P

Thanks for the support..everyone today seems like the longest day because I kept track of everything....I am hungry but staying within my range and I know I ate enough today it is just psycological..I love the BIG meals and to cut back is sooo hard. 1 day down and a lifetime to go!! Thanks I really appreciate the comments they help me soo much!!

DENISE1553 Posts: 2
1/2/13 12:42 P

I too have been here before and have never been able to follow through to reach my goal. I am also turning 50 this year in September. My goal is to lose 50 pounds as my gift to myself. I know it won't be easy but I am determined to reach this goal and make turning 50 the best birthday ever!!! There seems to be so much support on here and for the first time I feel that I have the motivation to be successful. I pray both of us can reach our goals and be FIFTY AND FABULOUS!!!!! Good Luck!

MARSU4 Posts: 11
1/2/13 12:37 P

Hang in there and never give up!!! I think it is when you quit wanting to try that you need to worry and it's when you give yourself that push to try one more day, one more meal, one more temptation that you begin the win!! I too am trying to stay serious and on track in 2013, so my prayers go out to you and all of us... Hang in there and don't give up!! If we were all perfect, we would not be here, so Good luck and keep on working @ it!!

KYKAREN1 Posts: 19
1/2/13 11:11 A

Thanks so much..I appreciate it!! :) Got to stay motivated!! ;)

KYKAREN1 Posts: 19
1/2/13 11:10 A

Thank-you I appreciate your support.

KYKAREN1 Posts: 19
1/2/13 11:10 A

Thank-you I appreciate your support!!

PSYCHOTAZ Posts: 2,234
1/2/13 11:05 A

Welcome!! I think we have all been where you are at. I seem to be losing and gaining the same 5 pounds all last year. But this year I am determinded to get it off and keep it off.

We can do this together and make this our year!!!!

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1/2/13 10:42 A

I can relate to where you're coming from as far as my grandmother and mother both had diabetes and I was terrified I was going to end up having to stick myself every day. I still am since I haven't perfected a healthy diet, but changing habits is hard. My last year of high school I was suffering from depression put on more weight and was basically on sleeping and eating. It was hard to get myself out of that funk.

It sounds like you've been through a lot, but you're right: this is your year :) You can do it!

KYKAREN1 Posts: 19
1/2/13 10:37 A

They say the third time is a charm. Well I am hoping and praying I can start a new healthy life style in 2013 and actually stick to it. I have been on Sparks before and think it is a wonderful place but I can never stick to it. Something comes up in my life and I always stop watching my food or get depressed and go back to my bad habits. It is really discouraging. I have to get this weight off. It is literally killing me. I have 100 lbs to lose. I was thin for most of my life but once I hit 40 the weight poured on. I have been at this weight I am now for about 10 years but it is taking it's toll. I have terrible knee problems, high blood pressure and psoriasis arthritis and depression. I eat when I am happy..I eat when I am sad. Food is my friend and makes me feel good when I am eating but then when I move or get on the scale at the Dr.'s office I realize, I have to get this off or I am going to end up with diabetes like my Mother, grandmother. Weight has been a constant issue in my life. Even when I was skinny..I thought I was fat. I struggled with anorexia and bulimia and of course compulsive overeating. Both of my parents were alcoholics and I don't drink so I use food as my escape. I know all of this intellectually but when it comes down to actually doing it..well it goes badly. I am turning 50 in June. I want to live a full life. So tired of being heavy. Thanks for reading and please pray for me that I can finally get this weight off this year! :)

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