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12/2/11 12:25 A

How are u doing?

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11/7/11 8:20 A

You'll do great with this product! I have been on it since August 8 (almost 3 months) and lost 2 sizes without any dieting or exercising. My cholesterol is now normal and I'm off those meds, I'm off my sleep meds and my thyroid is down 1.5 points. I expect to be off that in a couple months. I know many people who have been helped with high blood pressure, etc. Be sure to drink your slim everyday --- and some people drink once in morning and once at night -- it's ok! If you want additional information be sure to visit and contact me if you'd like additional help/suggestions. This truly is a great product with other related products that will resolve other conditions (candida yeast, cleansing, etc.). Keep us up to date on you progress! :-)

JIBBIE49 Posts: 67,170
5/2/11 12:06 A

Never heard of it.

DEETTA370 Posts: 12
4/30/11 12:47 P

I'am starting to take Plexus Slim today. Well, I had it before but I did not take it everyday like I was supposed to. I'm starting it again today and I am going to take it everyday. I have seen some amazing results from other people taking this stuff. I just have to make my self stick to it. I have a bad habit of giving up after not seeing results as quickly as I'd like. My husband told me to remember the health benefits. Plexus Slims says it does several things and helping with blood pressure is one of them. ( I have already had problems with this) So, he says to focus on the other benefits and stay off the scale everyday. One way or another I'm not going to quit this time! Wish me luck.....

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