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1/16/13 So, here we are. To honest, I'm about 10 days into this weight loss journey, but I've hit a point where I could use some extra support, so I decided journaling would be a good choice for me. I've lost 4 pounds, but still have so much to go, and I know that it will slow down from here on out.

About a week ago, I ended a serious relationship. This has been a major cause of stress for me, and as a result, I haven't been sleeping or eating well, or going to classes, or really leaving my bedroom. I've managed to continue exercising, largely out of stubbornness, but that's about all I've got going for me. I have an application to my major due in two days and I've barely worked on it. Things are scary and stressful right now, and I'm honestly just using weight loss to give myself something to feel good about - I'm dreading the day that I get on the scale to see the numbers have gone up.

Despite all this gloom, I'm generally a really happy person, so I'm just hoping my life levels itself out. I'm doing better now than I was when I first ended the relationship, so I assume I will continue to get better every day! And as long as I post here, I'll have a good log of my life improving. Gotta stay optimistic!

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