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JIBBIE49 Posts: 71,560
11/27/12 7:33 P

emoticon I've been here over five years and I'm not at my goal, either, but if I hadn't stayed here, I'm sure I'd be about 314# now instead of back up to the 214# where I was when I joined Sparks. So if you are back to where you started 3 yrs ago, remember, without the three years, you could be a 100# fatty right now. A doctor told my friend that and said "Since you are already 240# you won't even NOTICE the next hundred pounds you put on." That got her to go to TOPS Club and get it off and she's stayed at 160# all these years.

So don't worry about the three years. Live in the NOW as Eckhart Tolle says. I'm reading WHEAT BELLY by William Davis MD and I'm learning so much about WHY I can't eat wheat products. I want to get this fat off and I've listened to RIchard Johnson MD on YouTube talk about "The Sugar Fix" and I know I have to stay eating FRESH foods that are natural.

You can do this. Just think about being healthy.

BETH1237 Posts: 86
11/27/12 7:19 P

So here I am three years after starting my weight loss journey, just to be back (almost) at square one and unable to find the motivation and/or drive to start back again. To date I am about 44lbs heaver than my goal weight emoticon Now I can come up with 1001 excuses as to why I am at this point, tired of fighting with others over exercise time/what to eat, incisional hernia repair in September with residual pain with exercising, but the truth be told it is all of these things and more. The bottom line is I guess I need to decided what is important to me being health or eating whatever is in sight and not exercising. This decision should be easy right? So Why isn't it? Thanks for any advice

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