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7/24/13 6:11 P

I worry about your calorie intake Mon-Fri. 1400 isn't enough for your activity level. I know you're bumping it up some on the weekends (and you have that upcoming vacation), but I think your might be running too much of a deficit too often.

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7/24/13 4:11 P

Sounds like you have a good plan going forward. As for vacation, watch the portions (especially on the beignets!), walk a lot, and don't go too crazy on the alcohol. Most of all have fun!

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7/24/13 3:52 P

Sounds like you have a plan! Teams are a great way to connect with others for support and encouragement while also providing that to others as well. Huddle with your teams to get started at connecting and then go from there.

Coach Tanya

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7/24/13 12:30 P

I'm new here. First message I ever posted. I have been doing tons of reading on here on struggles and successes and that has truly helped. I have finally started my own diet and exercise program. I have been doing weight training for a while now but not really seeing the results in the time frame I wanted. Then, decided to google some great diets out there and all I really got was confused because of so many types of diets out there. Some want balance, some say go low carb, others say fasting is the answer. So overwhelming! Then I decided to track the calories using clean food and see how many calories I should be eating a day to lose weight (once again overwhelming in the sense that I can't get an accurate number from almost any site, or so it seems). So now, with a bit of motivation, I am sticking with a program. But need to ask if I am doing this right and I need some buddies to help me out on occasion. My friends and family don't share in my goals (they encourage me though, don't get me wrong) but I want a buddy or two that I really talk too about this part of my life. So here it is. I bought CLX and am doing the weight training 3x per week. Mon-Wed-Fri. I do cardio of some sort on Tues/Thurs. Cardio is pretty intense as my heart rate is usually maxed out. Plus I walk the dogs frequently and try to get out and have at least one long walk at 3.5 mph on the weekends. I eat about 1400 cals Mon-Thurs. I have a day off on Friday where I eat what I want (within reason of course, since I don't want to waste all my hard work, estimate about 1800-2200 calories), then back on 1400 Sat/Sun. Now I just started week two and yes I am noticing now, so I think this is working for me. I am 46 of age, 5'6" and SW was 190 1.5 weeks ago. down 2 lbs since then. I have a smart phone that sends me motivational quotes daily, plus have my calendar setup on my phone for times to eat. Currently setup to 6 times per day and try not to eat past 8:00 pm as best as possible. I do workout 1st thing in the morning and walk later in the day either by myself or with the dogs. Then go on at least 1-2 power walks / week depending on this wonderful Canadian weather. So I guess the bottom line here is I need a bit of encouragement and a few friends. I simply need someone to say, hey yes Loretta you are doing the right thing and yes, we can help! I have the spirit, I have the motivation to workout, but now I need to feed the emotional and accountability piece of my goal and recent life change.

End of next week though, I am on a vacation to New Orleans. Scared because the food there I hear is just loaded with grease and carbs. I won't be exercising extreme but will be doing tons of walking. Just don't want to undo my hard work in a period of 5 days. I don't expect to lose, but don't want to gain any weight if possible. Suggestions here would be great!

Thanks for reading!

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