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12/17/13 6:05 A


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12/15/13 12:42 A

Welcome back!!!

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12/14/13 10:22 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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12/14/13 10:10 P

Welcome back Linda. Here are the instructions on how to restart your account:

Hope this helps.

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12/9/13 12:11 P

Hi Everyone, Haven't been on in a while . Guess just went though just not doing anything to help myself. Also so busy getting things done for Christmas. All of you probably know what that is like. ? Went to the Doctor he's hollering at me about my weight and blood pressure is up So I thinking to myself enough of this. So I was reading on here about more fiber in our diets. Sounds good. But my big question is . I want to start fresh so how do I go back and start as if I was a new person and put the weight chart today's weight? Sorry for all the bellying aching . Have a nice day everyone. @@ Linda

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