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12/8/13 1:05 A

Hi! Thanks all for your replies… Actually I had the Nutella Gluten Free Cake… It was kinda good, I mean it was nice but not worthy of all those calories… I guess I will try to make single healthy portion (I'm my kitchen) the next time that I want something sweet (I won't do the whole thing because… well I still have issues to work out with binges)

Still, I feel proud about myself! Yesterday I had the portion and then I ate really healthy the rest of the day, did my exercise routine and everything! So cheers for me because this means that Im the right way of moderation and happiness about my body and my eating (sorry for the melodrama is just that I feel happy!)

Anyhow, thanks for all your support!

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
12/7/13 1:20 P

RUNUXTOO - I doubt half a dessert will lead to weight gain. Weight loss is about moderation, not deprivation!

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12/7/13 10:11 A


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12/7/13 9:25 A

For some reason, Starbucks doesn't list them. At the Barnes and Noble Cafe, Starbucks is served as well as the Cheesecake Factory desserts, so likely the establishment OP is talking about is in a B&N.

12/7/13 9:12 A

Here is the link to the nutrition info, although I did not see the items you mentioned:

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
12/6/13 11:12 P

I would track it, eat it, and see if it triggers a binge ( since you have that problem ). Sugar free foods make me binge almost as much as sugar.

If you eat half a serving, make sure to either give away, or throw away the other half, so you don't eat it later.

We are all going to eat desserts in our future, just make sure that you pay attention to how it makes you feel. I choose to eat berries, with whipped cream optional, instead of high density desserts like this. However, if you can eat this 1/2 a serving, with no binges, and continue your regular diet, and continue losing weight, then why not have it every few weeks or so.

AAK127 Posts: 30
12/6/13 11:03 P

Starbucks gets many of its desserts from the Cheesecake Factory (I'm sure that the Sugarfree Cheesecake is). Not sure about the Gluten-free Nutella cake...never heard of/seen it. From a web search, it looks like one slice is 570 calories, 26 g fat, 310 sodium, and 37 carbs (11 net, or so it is claimed).

FYI, you can make a really great low carb and (low fat, if that's your WOE) cheesecake yourself. You can freeze individual pieces and take out a portion out at a time. Definitely can be worked into your plan. There are so many free recipes out there. Just do a web search, and you'll find Linda Sue's which is great, and healthyindulgences.

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RUNUXTOO Posts: 136
12/6/13 8:52 P

When you absolutely must have a desert at Starbucks, just take a few minutes and think. It takes so long to dump the weight that a few seconds of pleasure will give you. It is not worth eating. There is nothing there that is good for you. Just coffee, please.

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12/6/13 8:50 P

Hi, well I copied the names the last time that I went there… so I guess they are correct, maybe they changed the names, I will try and look for some dessert-alike item in the official nutrition page in Starbucks.


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12/6/13 7:49 P

I googled Starbucks nutrition and they do have their deserts listed. I didnt find any deserts buy those titles

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12/6/13 7:12 P

Are you sure that you have the right name? Usually you can find both nutrition info. and copycat recipes for Starbucks items.

Yes, I think that ordering a single treat at a coffee shop can be a good occasional splurge. I know that if I make cookies at home I will end up eating too many of them. If I get a cookie at a coffee shop, there is portion control inherent in the choice.

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12/6/13 5:24 P

Hi everyone, Im trying to have a treat in the right way and I was thinking about having a half portion of a Starbucks dessert: Gluten Free Nutella Cake or Sugar Free Cheesecake. I've been eating really good with lots of fruits and veggies but lately, the idea of one of those has stuck in my mind. I believe that part of life changing decisions is to practice moderation in the foods that we love, otherwise we can end up in a yo-yo diet or binge problems (my personal big problem)…. So I was surfing the web to see in the Starbucks nutrition page the calories and everything else that could help me take the most healthy option but I couldn't find the addressed desserts! Does anyone knows were can I find this info?, if not, what are your choices when you let yourself have a -kinda- healthy treat in Starbucks?? (not beverages)


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