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Hi Maria,

While SparkPeople is a great community for support and encouragement we are not a substitute for advice you should receive from your doctor, therefore, we do recommend that you contact your doctor who can do an assessment of you and determine what measures need to be taken for a full recovery.

I wish you well!
Coach Nancy

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1/23/12 10:26 P

Anything happens that is out of the usual, contact your doctor.. It may be harmless or not so harmless- the doctor can give you some insight how long it will take to feel better.. We are individuals and what happens to me, may take ½ the time to repair because alot of factors like weight, physical condition etc play in..
I hope you feel better soon, you may not be able to exercise but nutrition is 80% of this journey continue to eat healthy and perhaps work on this while being patient..

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Does anyone heres walk up and down the stairs for excercise? I have recently started walking up and down the flights of stairs in my building. There are 4 stories.and twice that many stair cases. At first i could only go up and down for ten minutes.I've been working at it now for almost two weeks and I can now do it for thirty minutes. Today I bent over to pick one of my kids toys up off the floor and felt a sudden pain up the back of my right thigh muscle. I'm thinking I may have pulled a hamstring. Does anyone have and remedy for a pulled hamstring? Also, I fear that if I stop excercising for a few days I might get lazy and stop working out all together.

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