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4/20/13 1:40 P

Doing stairs exercises but what i do before doing my walking I do what I posted before. Thank You for your post. Have a good day.

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4/20/13 1:24 P

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If you mean for exercise purposes, I have run stairs for exercise many times and love it. If you mean instead of taking the elevator when possible, of course I do!

4/20/13 10:04 A

somewhere there are stairs and what you can do is put both feet half way on the stairs and jump up and down. I do 300 a day, this will tone your legs. In fact doing that plus walking lost 4 in. in thigh's. Thank You for your post.

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4/20/13 8:38 A

No, I live in a one story house.

4/20/13 7:37 A

Did anyone use stair's today for how long???What no picture emoticon?

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