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3/17/10 11:10 A

We're having lunch out....corned beef & cabbage,with side of mashed potatoes. Can't wait.

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3/16/10 3:43 P

Lunch tomorrow is a vegetable ragout.

3 quart pot ( works best with non stick cookware)
2 cups chopped broccoli ( veggies can be frozen, takes longer)
2 cups Okra slices
2 cups of shredded cabbage
2 Tbs of onion powder, not onion salt
1 tspn Coriander ground
2 TBLS 0f Garlic and parsley powder
add salt to taste after you cook

Heat olive oil in pot
add vegies in layers while its heating
sprinkle a portion of seasoning as you put in a layer
Cover and heat for five minutes on high
Turn to medium for 10 minutes
Stir to mix layers and seasonings
Turn heat down to lower temp( if medium is 5 go to 3.5 or 4)
Cook for an additional 10 minutes, stir and test with a fork for tenderness.
Cook an additional 5 min. at a time till tender to the fork.

Serves four with 100 calories or less, plenty of Calcium and fiber. The vitamins are protected by doing waterless and color will definitely be Irish Green
An Irish love ya.

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