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7/30/14 3:03 P

The shake IS your muscles working and getting stronger! That means you're working them to the point of exhaustion, which is why they feel like they are going to give, and eventually will. I would keep doing what you're doing and you'll get further and further in the workout every time until you've built the strength to get clear through. As long as you're struggling through shakes and muscle burn, keep doing it. If something is painful, you may have to reevaluate your form. Also, as your muscles tire, you have to be more and more mindful of your form. Keep at it, though! Those muscles will build up before you know and you will be a beast!

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7/29/14 11:02 A

I would easy up a little, yes you should work your muscles, but you should not be to the point of falling over. Try not to squat so far down, same with lunges, you don't need to touch the floor, make them a little more shallow. The main thing with squats and lunges is that you are using correct form, and when your legs get shaky because they are tired, you are most likely to use incorrect form. As your body gets more used to the movements, then start going lower.

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7/29/14 1:11 A

Sounds like you might need to ease up a little!

Shaking is normal when you do unfamiliar things, but when it starts, that means you have reached your capacity, and that you need to be careful. A little more at that point, is enough.

If when the shaking starts you ease up on the intensity, that will help your endurance.

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7/28/14 9:59 P

You may need to ease into it.

Usually exercise videos offer alternatives to the main exercise - modifications to accommodate various levels of fitness or mobility.

It's better to avoid an injury (like falling) and do a slightly easier version at first.

You'll get stronger and the exercises will get easier, and then you can do it unmodified.

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7/28/14 7:21 P

I just started Jillian Michael's 30 day shred, and it is rather squat and lunge heavy. About halfway through on level 1 I could not do a squat or lunge without my legs and knees shaking like crazy and I was a little scared my legs were going to buckle. Once they started shaking, I could hardly feel a burn during those exercises, just a constant trembling.

Is this normal? Is it something I need to work through, or should I be working on getting my legs a little stronger before I attempt this again?

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