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12/10/05 2:44 P

We had 6 inches of snow last night. My 9 year old son was making snow-cream this morning for breakfast. (yes, I am a dietitian...I look at snow cream as a form of slightly sweetened milk), anyway we added a few drops of vanilla. He said..that smells good. I said yes women used to wear this as perfume...his response, Mommy they would all smell like christmas cookies. Gotta love my little man.

Becky, Sp dietitian

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12/9/05 4:30 P

Becky- Yup... It was perfume. My favorite scent from bath and body works is a vanilla one. I can't remember the name of it, but it smells like sugar cookies.

I am of a mind that anything "external" that helps you lose weight is probably not a good thing. Getting healthy is much more than losing weight and as soon as you start to depend on something else that "makes" you thin you are setting yourself up for failure. Unless of couse you have a medical issue like thyroid and are prescribed something.

One of the weight loss clinics in the area runs commercials. Their tag line is something like, if the drugs we prescribe the first time don't work for you, we'll keep trying until we find something that does. Unbelievable.

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12/9/05 2:54 P

Thanks guys...your information helped.

12/9/05 12:56 P

Didn't long ago, women put drops of vanilla behind their ears for perfume????Perhaps it helped control appetite too...those women were so smart (HA-HA).

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12/9/05 7:20 A

I'm with you Becky. The bottom line stuff for appetite control is WAY WAY WAY more valuable than smelling something. The "smell" thing would only add a little bit of appetite control to the bottom line stuff (mostly eating well to start with) and I'll bet it wouldn't add nearly as much as drinking a nice hot cup of green tea does - - - but I guess I should experiment to find out for myself. I doubt you can go on a diet of low volumes of ice cream, cookies, and donuts and then use the smell thing to let those components give you good appetite control.

I'm thinking "vanilla" might be another one of the appetite control odors. I might go look up the list to be sure, but don't hold me to that.

12/7/05 9:13 P

Thanks Cyp!

I always say if something sounds too good to be probably is.

What do you think Cyp??

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12/7/05 10:17 A

It is a system that uses odors to control appetite and mood. The information is available without having to pay for the Sprinkle Thin program. The research is published and plenty of lay magazines have summarized some of the work.

Considering the term "Sprinkle Thin", I assume you sprinkle something on your food. If I remember correctly, one of those "somethings" might be cinnamon.

JOJOMKE Posts: 4,188
12/7/05 7:06 A

I don't remember seeing any ingedients. Just an form to fill out to do a diet profile. I didn't want to go through that to find out what it was. But maybe I will just to see. The ad isn't on my Yahoo home page anymore so if it pops up again maybe I'll check it out.

12/6/05 9:06 P

Does it list any ingredients????
Becky, SP dietitian

JOJOMKE Posts: 4,188
12/6/05 4:41 P

Just saw an ad on my Yahoo home page for Sprinkle Thin. What is it? Does anyone know? It's a weight loss product of some sort. Hmmm, sounds too good to be true. Not that I would use it, but just want to educate myself on it. Any ideas? Anyone?

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