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11/18/11 12:29 P

Thanks everyone! I wasn't always this hungry, but have really ramped up the workouts since mid August when my daughter started school. I am going to attempt to add more lean protein to my lunch. I did hard boil some eggs for snacks, though I already eat 2 eggs most nights for dinner and don't want to overdo it. I went back and upped my calorie burn goals to more adequately match my workouts so we'll see what happens. I haven't been gaining by going 100-300 over on many days, but need to be careful since I still struggle with bingeing every so often. Trial and error is scary for maintenance. Losing is easier, since less is almost always better.

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11/18/11 11:07 A

Could you try cutting down your miles somewhat (like maybe 20%) and only doing 2 kickboxing classes a week and see what happens? That's a LOT of exercise in a week...I'd be starving too!

You are eating quite a bit of the bars and drinks....and I do understand the "on the go" concerns--they're easy to grab in the morning and unwrap to eat as you need to. Could you substitute a turkey or peanut butter sandwich, hard boiled egg, or even a small bowl of a healthy cereal for some of them?

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11/18/11 5:35 A

I just wanted to say that I can completely relate to you. I also workout a ton - 2-4 hours a day -because I work as a fitness instructor. I was constantly hungry. Hungry when I got home, hungry before bed, hungry in the middle of the night, and ready to eat my hand by the time I woke up. And that was NOT on a low calorie diet. I was gaining weight and still feeling insatiably hungry. After some playing around recently, I have rediscovered (and recommitted) a much more clean eating approach to my diet. I used to eat this way, and did for years. It felt so much better. But life got in the way, and I started eating more convenience type things (and yes, those yummy bar products.) Now that I have cleaned my diet of many of the processed foods (crackers, chips, sugar, etc.), I am SO much less hungry. The sugary things just make you hungry. If you can stick to snacks like veggies, whole grains, cheese, cottage cheese, non-sugary yougurt, eggs, etc., you might just feel much less hungry.

I have also found that distance running (anything longer than 90 min or so) will make me desperately hungry no matter what I do otherwise. If nothing else helps, you might try playing with your running to see if it has any effect.

11/17/11 5:52 P

Were you hungry all the time when you were losing all this weight??
You are now at 150 pounds and wanting to maintain your weight. So you should be able to consume more calories than in your weight loss days.
I am not sure I understand exactly what is going on with your hunger. If you are truely hungry and you eat more of your healthy food selections---do you gain weight??
Dietitian Becky

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11/16/11 8:48 P

Thanks all. Dietician Becky, the things like skittles are my long run fuel to keep my sugar levels from bottoming out in runs over an hour. The choc protein shakes are post workout, especially strength training. I know I eat too many " bars" but I'm on the go a lot and do try to opt for high protein to squash hunger. And yes the ice cream is just because LOL. Do you have any alternative ideas to the bars that are portable? I am usually at work when eating those. I already eat a lot of portable fruit. I suppose cheese is an option but such a small quantity for the calories.

ETA I just added fiber to my tracker and am at 45g today, which is a pretty good representation of most of my days.

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11/16/11 7:55 P

As much as you are working out, you gotta be enjoying life and looking good and feeling good. Congratulations!

I hope you'll find a good way to keep it up indefinitely.


11/16/11 6:26 P

First...I send a big CONGRATULATIONS!
And I hate to hear that any member is feeling hungry all the time

The main problem (that I notice) is the amount of calories dedicated to sweets/snacks each day. These foods do not have any true satiety factor. I see several items daily of ice cream, candy, choc fudge shake, luna bars, dark choc almonds, choc milk, skittles, etc. These type of foods are making up several hundred of your calories daily. See how you feel when you limit intake to no more than 150 calories daily...and are then adding more nutrient dense foods to your diet in replacement.

Do start tracking your fiber intake as well, aim to get no less than 25 grams daily.

What do you think??
Dietitian Becky

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11/16/11 5:50 P


I'm no expert, but I do have a couple of suggestions. Looking mostly at your breakfast.

Other people may disagree but I don't think you're getting enough protein, particularly in the mornings. The greek yogurt is a good start but I personally need more protein than that. I feel best on the mornings I have eggs or cottage cheese. I also find that if I get more protein at breakfast I eat less through the day overall.

The other thing is, I don't think your carbs are necessarily too high, BUT possibly more fiber would help. A banana leaves me hungry in half an hour. Could you skip the banana and sprinkle your yogurt with a high fiber cereal like Kashi instead? Still have the carbs for energy but the fiber will leave you feeling fuller and have the energy last longer.

Hope that helps

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11/16/11 1:27 P

If anyone could take a peak at my logs and offer advice I'd be so grateful. I've list 155 lbs since Jan 2010, and am really struggling balancing my diet and appetite. I run about 20 miles a week, and take 2-3 kickboxing classes a week plus strength training. I am ALWAYS hungry. I have my fitness goals set at 2500 cals which I do usually go over, but I don't want to up it and feel pressured to reach the number in order to eat my calories. I go over my calorie range almost daily, which is frustrating. I try to eat lots of protein and fruits and veggies. I'm not really trying to lose more, but would like to stick closer to 149 than 155. I just wonder if anyone has any tips. I'm tired of eating (and figuring out the best things to eat) every 2 hrs. I also wonder how body fat% plays into the calorie needs. My trainer t the gym measured me at 17.8% body fat, so pretty lean or 152lbs. Should I just eat more? Different things??
Sorry this is so wordy, I'm just tired of being hungry! It tempts me to blow it out if frustration.

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