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DIDS70 Posts: 5,079
2/28/13 12:46 P

I put spirulina or kelp in my smoothies daily. I have never noticed any adverse reactions. I sometimes sprinkle it on my salad.

STEPH_PATT SparkPoints: (5,233)
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2/28/13 12:22 P

Hi! I take spirulina every day and haven't had any adverse reactions. Are you taking in in tablet or powder form? Maybe switching that up could help. emoticon

NUFLIGHER Posts: 168
2/28/13 10:42 A

Has anyone taken a spirulina supplement and noticed heartburn symptoms? I have been noticing slight heartburn symptoms lately and I am on a generic version of prilosec already. The only recent changes (other than stress) has been that I started taking a spirulina within the past couple of weeks. I'm going to stop taking it for a bit to see if it helps, but wanted to see if anyone else has noticed a connection before.

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