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Spiritual and Emotional Health= healthy?

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4/5/13 7:29 P


Physical, mental, and emotional health, in my opinion, are incorporated into complete health.

There are many who are physically fit, yet unhappy. Some who make much money working their bum off, but emotionally are vacant.

We are complex beings.

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4/5/13 4:47 P

firm believer that body, mind and spirit all work together.
for me spirituality means understanding that I am just one small part of the universe and there is something beyond is the moral compass by which one should live.
Emotional health is a whole other me it means controlling how you react and respond to the universe..

So while you learn what is important in also have to learn how to deal with to balance your own needs with the world

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4/5/13 3:44 P

I would add mental health to your list but nothing is so black and white. There is fact ... medical information and then there is the subjective mind as to how the person feels. One can be in glowing physical health and still have one of those components less than perfect.

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4/5/13 3:29 P

I am mid-50s and hypothyroid, which is very common in women my age as the thyroid just starts to give out. I am on medication for this. Yet, I'm eating well, drinking my water, 10 pounds from goal weight and work out very regularly. I do not have diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.

So I have to disagree with DIDS70 on only one count ... "no evidence of disease." Hypothyroid is a disease, yet there is NO PART OF IT that I can control. I do not believe this makes me unhealthy.

I totally believe that being healthy combines many things ... including physical, emotional, spiritual and for me, the key is balance.

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4/5/13 1:07 P

the definition of health to me is 100% function of body, mind and spirit with no evidence of disease.
so yes, I don't feel one can be healthy if they are lacking health in spirit and mind.

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4/5/13 12:46 P

This week, I am learning about spiritual and emotional health and how this correlates with being physically healthy and how much this can actually hinder weight loss and keep us from getting to goal....

I found this an interesting topic because if I ask if you are healthy?? Would you all just look at the physical of how you look and how you eat. or do you look at things as the whole part of spiritually, physically and emotionally put together? Do you think these all collide into making sure you are successful in obtaining your weight and health goals?

I have a lot to learn (especially about myself this week) and would love to know your thoughts...

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