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2/13/10 4:21 P

I do have an appt with an MD for my hips, but I'm happy to report that I have been spinning regularly for about a month and a half with NO hip problems. I love spinning!

10/25/09 8:01 A

In the past I've only mentioned my problem walking to my OB (during my 3 pregnancies), and to a PT and chiropracter I saw briefly. I think all of them assumed it was a temporary problem, but given that it's stayed with me (off and on) for over 7 years... yeah it's a problem. You've convinced me to go to my doctor.

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10/17/09 7:13 A

Hip loosening efter having children is serious and can handicap a women, please get to your doctor and ask for a referal to a phsyiotherapist...
Hip loosening is painful and some women never recover if they don't get the correct rehab..

If anything is not as it should with your body please people talk to a doctor and avoid becaming a invalid. It is expensive to go to the doctor and 5 times worse if a serious injury happens and you ignore it, lossing the abitity to work or provide for the family is not being tough..

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10/15/09 10:23 A

You can also do hip exercises. Lay on the flore lift your leg up about a foot from the other one, do about 30 reps. Then do the under leg. Remember to do both sides.

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10/15/09 9:36 A

You really should check with your doctor first. Give them a call and get their thoughts. They know more about your condition than we do. We're not doctors.

Pending doctor approval, swimming would be your better option. Being in the water will take stress off your hip.

Spinning can be very intense. When you're out of the saddle, that could place stress on your hip. So, spinning might not be good for your hip.

You could try the recumbent cycle. Sitting in a reclined position might take off stress.

10/15/09 7:27 A

I've had some hip problems off and on since my first pregnancy, and it seems to act up if I walk or jog too much. I'm thinking of joining a gym for spinning classes and swimming for cardio. Good idea?

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