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12/18/13 6:33 P

we did have a few Christmas songs in the mix tonight. New bikes too. And new lighting.

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12/18/13 3:54 P

we've had Halloween themed classes.

I don't recall any Christmas themes...we'll see what's going on in tonight's class.

oh, Angela....

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12/18/13 3:07 P

I love spin class! My favorite instructor made themes for every class. One memorable was the Super Bowl. She divided the class into teams and even included a half time show. Another time she had each student pick a card that had a song and its RPM attached. We had to do a certain activity for that song that fit to the RPM (like sprint for a fast song or slow climb for a slower song). To this day, I feel like I am climbing a long, treacherous hill when I hear Phil Collins' "Something In the Air".

She was super creative and it made it fun. You maybe don't have to do themes but make it fun, in my opinion, and people will enjoy.

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12/18/13 4:25 A

Thanks everyone for your help, I really appreciate it! ;) I know in order to be a good spin instructor it takes time and practice, some people suggested me to go to other instructor's classes and see how they're doing it.
I think knowing very well your music and confidence is the key?
Actually I just only taught two classes so far so I'm still a little bit afraid to teach my 3rd class but hopefully I'll be fine! :)

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12/17/13 4:06 P

one of the instructors at the Y welcomes music suggestions from the class. I've given her a list & she used several songs that I recommended (it's difficult for a lay person to know what works well for a class)

I will say that I always thought 'Love Hurts' by Incubus would be a great hill song!

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12/17/13 3:37 P

You're the teacher. You're the leader. The class is looking to you for guidance.

So, fake it until you make it. You may want to find a local Toastmasters club...that can do wonders for your confidence in speaking in front of a crowd.

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12/17/13 3:27 P

Hi,EIMIS12 !

I've been teaching spinning for several years now. Don't worry ! Let the music guide you. If you have chosen your music correctly, the music will motivate your class.

What are some motivating phrases ? First, don't tell the students to add tension. Tell them to add resistance. Adding "tension" has a negative connotation. When we increase resistance, we increase the CHALLENGE.

Tell your students,"Don't be afraid to challenge your bodies."

Do you know the three riders story ? Do you know the song Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down ? Kryptonite has three chorus segments. What you do is tell your students that they are in a race where they need to pass three riders. Remind them that they are riding as a TEAM.

Have them build momentum as the song enters the chorus. When the chorus starts, let the class know that the first of three riders is in front of them. What do they have to do to pass that first rider ??? Encourage them to work a bit harder to get past the third rider. Once the chorus has finished, tell them good job, they've passed the first rider. But, just ahead is the second rider. The second rider a little stronger than you are. Do you have what it takes to pass that second rider ? tell the class they are right behind them. Do you have the energy to pass ? Are you going to let that second rider beat you ? NO !!! Give them time to surge forward. Then let them rest. Tell them, ONE more rider and this rider is the strongest and fastest of all the riders. Are you going to let that rider win this race or are you going give everything you've got for that last surge forward ? Do you have what it takes to be a WINNER ! YES I DO !

The last chorus should be a surge of approximately 45 seconds. Keep reinforcing they ride as a TEAM and not individual riders.

Okay, that's just one song. You can't have a race for every song, you'll wear them out. you do need to properly pace the class. However, the point, you don't have to say a lot to motivate your class if you choose the right music. The right beat will motivate them. And I'll say it, choosing the right music is not easy. I spent hours selecting the correct music for classes I taught.

Do you use itunes ? If you search on itunes for the mixes. look under cycle or spinning. a bunch of instructors have posted their workout music selection. You might find it helpful. I'll be helpful and give you one of my classes. This was a popular mix.

I Got a Feeling - Black Eyed Peas (warm up) 4.49mins
Ray of Light - Madonna (sprints out of the saddle) 5.21mins
Single Ladies (extended edit) - Beyonce (jumps) 6.52 mins
Cry for You - Dancefloor 2008 (seated flat, with sprints) 2.45mins
Potential Break up Song - aly and AJ (jumps) 3.37mins
Goodbye - Debarge (slow climb, recovery) 3.28mins
Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood (rolling hills in the saddle) 3.20mins
Crminal - Fiona Apple (seated climb, recovery) 5.43mins
Most Girls (extended club edit) - Pink (heart rate training 8.59mins
You Know I'm No Good - Amy Winehouse (flat, recovery) 4.17mins
cool down music (you can pick any slow quiet song you like (5-7 mins)

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12/17/13 2:54 P

really good music is important (totally subjective, I know). My favorite instructors use a variety - old stuff, new stuff, and different genres

I like spin instructors that let me know what to expect: "we're going to add resistance 5 times during this song" or "we'll add resistance 3 times, then take it back to flat, then add 3 times, back to flat, etc." or "we'll go fast, faster and fastest on this song"

I also love 'Tabata sprints' - going all out for a set time, then back to 'normal'

the really good instructors ALWAYS ask if there is anybody new in the class & make sure newbies know how to set up the bike, and proper form

I seriously doubt you'd ever do this, but DO NOT adjust the tension on somebody else's bike. I had an instructor do that to me once. She wasn't even teaching, just taking the class. As she went out to refill her water bottle, she added more tension to my bike. Never said a word to me. WTH????

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12/17/13 12:56 P

Hi there,

I'd like to ask you a favour :) I started recently teaching spinning classes, however I'm not very confident yet so just want to ask can somebody please tell me any motivational cues during the spin class including climbs & sprints? What to say how to motivate them? Can you also tell me any educational points I should mention to them?
Thanks! :)


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