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Spices for Eggplant

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9/23/09 11:19 P

It's a Rachael Ray think
Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Funny EVOO was even added to the dictionary. Cool for her.

Posts: 84
9/23/09 10:34 P

what's evoo?

Posts: 52
9/23/09 7:14 P

This summer I've been slicing eggplant, brushing with evoo, grilling and brushing lightly with barbeque sauce once it has grill marks. YUM!

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9/20/09 11:18 P

I just grilled up some eggplant the other day. Wash the outside, and rub it with oil. Then throw the whole thing on the grill (skin and all), for 20-30 minutes. When it comes off, let it sit for a few minutes, the skin will peel off, and the eggplant will be very soft.

Here's a recipe for Baingan Bharta, one of my favorite Indian dishes. If you don't like it too spicy "hot", add less jalapenos.

Posts: 84
9/15/09 10:59 P

Easy and yummy: drizzle olive oil or mist with cooking spray, a few dashes of salt, pepper and basil (easy on the pepper - it will overpower everything), Grill. Delicious.

Posts: 24,910
9/12/09 4:26 A

I checked in because I found some exotic looking eggplant at the farmer's market. I bought some Japanese eggplant, and some white & purple blush eggplant.

As I recall, to get rid of the bitterness, salt the raw eggplant slices. Allow it to sit. put it in a strainer and put something heavy on it such as a bowl, to extract some of the liquid. Then rinse off the salt as best you can.

I am planning to try to grill some of this.

Check this food network recipe, directions second paragraph.

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9/8/09 11:03 A

I love eggplant in almost any fashion. Mostly I love it with Garlic and oregano. I even make eggplant chips instead of potato chips. Thinly slice the eggplant, place on olive oiled oven tray and sprinkle with garlic pepper. Oh my goodness, what a treat.

Posts: 1,139
9/8/09 10:02 A

Eggplant works well in vegetable curry.

Posts: 339
9/4/09 2:25 P

2UNHEALTHY is right... It really has no flavor. I stuck my tongue on it and WOW is it bitter! Thankfully the recipe explained how to get the bitter out. It also called for garlic powder, but I didn't have any so I just used Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb seasoning... OMG YUM! I'm definitely adding Eggplant and the recipe to my list of 'keepers'!

Thanks everyone for the help!

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9/1/09 4:14 P

When I do eggplant parm I saute onion and put a good tablespoon of italian herb blend with it. Then add the tomato based sauce. Or stewed tomatoes or whatever your recipe calls for.
And sometimes I don't use a breading at all. But when buying one you can get them seasoned with the italian herbs already.
Oh and pesto goes really well with eggplant too. I make an eggplant pizza with it and love it.

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Posts: 244
8/31/09 9:33 A

I do sauteed (low fat) vegetables, using cooking spray. I rotate what veggies I use. I recently added eggplant with them, and it was delicious. I just used a tad of season salt and some Mrs. Dash spicy seasoning.


Posts: 2,231
8/31/09 8:27 A

Oregano, mint, basil, parsley, garlic. Eggplant has no real distinct flavor of it's own and if you are making parmesan with is then use any spices that go well with Italian tomato based recipes. Good luck.

Posts: 339
8/31/09 7:17 A

I'm going to make Eggplant Parmesan for the first time EVER (go me!) and the recipe calls to coat the eggplant in bread crumbs. I'm also making my own bread crumbs, but I have NO CLUE what spices go best with eggplant. Can you help me out?

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