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5/15/14 10:37 P

That makes very little sense. You have to be consuming an enormous number of carbs per day, most of them processed. This is the kind of diet that could set you up for diabetes if you are at all predisposed to the disease.

Where is the protein in your diet? The vegetables?

Don't you always get at least an hour of exercise a day 5 days a week? That is pretty minimal, not a "weight loss" level of exercise. You need to be moving that much just for basic cardiovascular health, not for weight loss.

You should seriously reconsider this approach.

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5/15/14 3:55 P

Nope. Diets don't work and it sounds like this one doesn't either. If you have lost 50 pounds did you keep it off? If not, then this is just another way to get us to buy products that will help us lose weight and when we do, we go right back to eating the way we did and regain the weight.

Personally, what worked and continues to work is changing my relationship with food. Being serious about eating healthy most of the time. Setting realistic calorie goals and tracking my food to stay within the calorie goal. Moving every day. And living! I've lost 80 pounds and have been at or under my goal for over a year.

My advice? Skip the Special K "diet" and commit to changing how you eat for life.

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5/15/14 3:45 P

This sounds absolutely horrible. Special K just brands it around to try and sell more of their product, thus making more money.

How would eating more servings of processed carbs a day help a person lose weight? Only way this helps is if your diet in the first place was full of processed carbs and fats and large portion sizes.

In that case, changing in anyway shape or form will be an improvement.

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5/15/14 5:22 A

Please read this:

From the article:
As far as I'm concerned, Special K's approach to nutrition and weight loss is irresponsible and representative of a corporate- and media-endorsed vision that this is the sort of plan that should be followed when one has weight to lose. Additionally, it depends on and adds to the intense pressure that women endure when it comes to their appearance. In campaigns that promote diets like this, thinness is equated with success, beauty, and happiness. In reality, treating your body this way is abusive and dangerous.

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5/14/14 10:14 A

Well, here's kinda the thing...

You've done this before, and lost weight (which is great, btw), but what happens when you stop doing it? Are you gonna gain the weight back, and do it again?

Now you are looking at yo-yo dieting, which is: Dieting, losing weight, going off diet, gaining weight back...going back on diet, losing weight, going off diet, gaining weight back...going back on diet, losing weight, going off diet, gaining weight back......

Have you ever thought about creating sustainable lifelong eating habits that will get you to lose the weight, and keep it off permanently?

That's what I am interested in.

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5/14/14 7:54 A

Are you getting at least 60 grams of protein daily???

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5/13/14 11:49 P

The Special K Challenge, as you describe it, really sounds like a "conventional Diet" to me, along with the mentality that goes with that: "I change what I eat and how I eat until I reach a certain goal". But what then?? And how long can you live with buying Special K foods....???

Instead, I suggest you seriously consider:another option. And that would be to learn to eat healthy from the full range of foods available! And then the only change when you reach your goal weight is to increase your calorie allowance enough to stay at the weight you wish to be at....

I believe you will also find that the 5 days a week workout is Not the be-all--end-all to losing weight. Good Nutrition and portion control are far more important!!

All the best,

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5/13/14 10:43 P

Hi All, I'm new here and wanted to share my new challenge! I've done this before, the Special K diet, but with alterations. First off their serving sizes are tiny, I double them for breakfast and lunch. I have a fruit /veggies for an In-between snack and a well rounded dinner. At night I might have a SK bar or a regular anything equivalent to 100 calories. I've lost 50lbs on this in the past but I did work out 5 days a week for 1 hour. That us for sure going to be a challenge thus time around but we'll see how it goes. Anyone else wanna give this a go with me?


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