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5/1/11 6:55 A

I love the chicken breast in crockpot with cream of chicken soup and cheddar cheese soup till breast is done ! We use the soup for gravy on bread or mash potatoes ! Do you have a favorite ? I love new recipes ! emoticon

The Lord is my strength and i know i can do better with the Lords help. The Lord laid it on my heart to start a team called GOD ANSWERS PRAYER AND I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ANYBODY THAT WANTS HELP TO LOSE THEIR WEIGHT TO JOIN . I KNOW I CAN'T DO THIS WITHOUT THE LORDS HELP !
5/1/11 2:02 A

anyone want to say what their favorite sparks recipe

is for cakes or cookies?

Looking for the one best in fiber and best for



"When we die, people will ask what did we leave behind? angels will ask , what did we send on ahead."

Quotes i read and love .

"People will not recall what you wore or what you did for living when you die...they will recall how you TREATED them"

leave a good memory you may get only one chance.
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