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yes it seems low to me too... if you weigh what you say I am guessing closer to 2000 calories a day... redo the food thing a mistake was made

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Is your goal date set to lose 2 lbs/week? Have you updated since your weight loss? Do you exercise? If so have you included how many calories you burn weekly into your fitness setup.

Something isn't right here. That is far too low for your current weight. That is the range usually given to women in their healthy BMI or those in their overweight BMI who exercise very little.

Even with little to no exercise the lowest you should probably be going is 1700-1800 cals.

I would definitely NOT recommend eating so few calories. It will not be maintainable and you should not feel like you are starving while losing weight.

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9/7/13 10:56 A

I have been just 1 1/2 weeks following a Spark's Nutrition Plan for a total weight loss of 32 lbs by the beginning of January. This calls for a daily calorie intake of 12-15500.
I have been feeling so tired and lacking in energy since I started this that most days, I cannot get the workout portion of my plan completed.
Is this normal for the first few days of a reducing regime??
Your comments are much appreciated

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