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6/23/14 9:22 P

SPers write about the nutritional value of bone broth.
It isn't listed in SP recipes.
How do I calculate nutrients and calories, etc?

Very frustrating!

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3/13/14 2:09 P

I find the recipe function difficult sometimes. I mostly use it to add my own recipies. That way I get the nutrition for all my mom's oldies and very goodies.

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3/12/14 12:21 P

Luckily, I did eventually find the recipe on sparkrecipe but I had to search with Google to find it.

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3/12/14 3:30 A

I have also searched for recipes and not been able to find them. Sorry you have experienced this problem.

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3/5/14 5:13 P

I am trying to find a recipe that is definitely on sparkrecipe but no matter how I type it into the search, I cannot find it. I printed it out once but I want to share with my daughters on our facebook health page. The name of the recipe is "Quinoa with Pea Pods and Peppers" typed just like that. Can anyone offer any help or know the link for that recipe? Thanks! emoticon

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