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SUSANBEAMON Posts: 11,152
2/14/13 12:49 A

any time there is 2 on the wheel, even if only one, i get 2. getting tired of that.

EREBECCA SparkPoints: (4,541)
Fitness Minutes: (302)
Posts: 163
1/15/13 2:09 P

I just got 50 Sparkgoodie points today for the first time. I've seen the option on the bonus wheel only and only twice in the last two and a bit weeks.

CLMANCHESTER SparkPoints: (8,005)
Fitness Minutes: (6,088)
Posts: 83
1/13/13 10:11 P

I got the 500 points on the wheel this week. I was very excited! One time I saw two 1000 point bonuses on the same wheel, but got two points on that spin.

BHSKITTYKATT SparkPoints: (99,864)
Fitness Minutes: (102,786)
Posts: 383
1/12/13 11:53 A

I've gotten the workout DVD, so they do exist. They're just rare. I think I've only seen it twice (and won it one of those times). I've only ever seen it on the Bonus Spin, though, and not the regular wheel, so maybe that's something.

SEEINGCLEARLY53, SparkGoodie points don't show up daily, but do show up periodically, so you'll have more chances to win in the future. I've won the 500 one twice over the years, iirc.

1/5/13 1:35 P

I'm confused now too,,,,,next day spin after getting the 500 goodie pts,,,,it wasnt on the wheel anymore?......after you win its gone?....not sure emoticon

PIPERJ4A SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (12,955)
Posts: 150
1/5/13 10:23 A

I don't recall ever seeing free gifts on the wheel. Am I. Missing something?

KRITTYGIRL67 Posts: 41
1/5/13 8:42 A

I like shooting for the 25 pts so I can spin the bonus wheel. It helps keep me motivated.

1/5/13 12:00 A

I have to share,,,,today I got 500 goodie points on my bonus spin and I'm new!, it must be really random!,,,,,,but I was surprised so soon! emoticon

JUDITH316 Posts: 164,049
1/3/13 4:54 A

I have no problems with the wheel, I get a variety of both high and low numbrs, like today, 2 points for signing in and 25 points for my bonus points, and that was a real bonus, haven't had that high of a number in ages, I usually get a 10 as my normal high, so it was great getting 25 today... emoticon emoticon

SPARKLINGME176 Posts: 18,416
12/27/12 10:33 P

I do a mental exercise with the spark wheel. I "see" myself getting the highest #! I also do this for my weight.... I visualize myself at my goal weight! I've had great success doing both of these things!

SUSANBEAMON Posts: 11,152
12/25/12 1:54 A

sometimes i get goodie points, but if there is a 2 on it, i get 2, like today.

SKEEWEE2MEK SparkPoints: (33,725)
Fitness Minutes: (27,715)
Posts: 1,753
11/24/12 2:37 P

I'd love to get more than 7 more often!

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,790
11/20/12 8:53 A

It spins in the same direction the whole time. That same illusion happens with wheels on cars too!

CAT-IN-CJ Posts: 5,065
11/19/12 7:56 P

Y'all probably already caught this, but I think it's cool that the wheel starts spinning one direction then suddenly it's spinning in the opposite direction. At first I thought I needed another cup of coffee!!!

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
11/18/12 8:06 P

Congratulations - you won 100 "goodie points" to spend on buying goodies for yourself or others. The "already" will refer to having the points loaded for you to spend, rather than already spending them. You should find you have 100 more points to spend on goodies than previously.

You were awarded 3 "spark points" so that you don't miss out on some spark points when you win goodie points. :)

GORJUS154 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,605)
Posts: 42
11/17/12 3:24 P

yesterday on the bonus spin I was awarded 100 points to "purchase" something. I did not use my points but the site says I did. What did I purchase???? And why did the bonus spin only calculate 3 points toward my sparks points when I spun 100????

MPERCAL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (15,017)
Posts: 107
11/17/12 10:57 A

I try to psych out the wheel, which I love to spin... but usually end up in the low to middling end of things... fun though...

ILOVEMALI Posts: 1,538
11/14/12 9:49 P

I get goodie points occasionally.

HEMAMALINI100 Posts: 3,099
11/12/12 2:19 P

I have won a fitness dvd once in almost 3 years so it does happen. Once in a while you win 25 points or goodie points also.

RASIRE Posts: 285
11/12/12 12:36 P

I've never seen any actual prizes show up on my wheel. I do get a varied amount of points from 2 - 25.

MKINZNER SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (540)
Posts: 29
11/9/12 1:36 A

The wheel, grrr... I perpetually get 2 points! I would love to hit 20-25 on an, at least, weekly basis!

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 2,171
10/28/12 1:59 A

BTW, I won a fitness DVD through the wheel, so it does happen! Sorta funny it happened to me though since I don't really exercise :) Maybe someday I'll start.

BRENDA_G50 Posts: 4,730
10/27/12 11:31 A

I was also wondering about that. emoticon for answering my question emoticon

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
10/10/12 2:25 P

Yep - patience. I've been here five and a half years and may have seen a non-points thing on my wheel once, maybe twice?

Spark has MILLIONS of users. So if they don't want to give away thousands of dollars worth of stuff every day they need to ensure those prizes don't show up often for each individual user. Otherwise there'd be hundreds of people winning them every day! :)

SONIACR10 SparkPoints: (5,481)
Fitness Minutes: (1,948)
Posts: 312
10/9/12 5:45 P

Ok I look forward to seeing one!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,437
10/9/12 6:17 A

Yep, they randomly show up from time to time.

Coach Jen

SONIACR10 SparkPoints: (5,481)
Fitness Minutes: (1,948)
Posts: 312
10/9/12 3:11 A

Hi, I've noticed that people have won things like workout dvd's and stuff like that, but they've never even come up when i spin it, and i get on usually everyday. Is it just once every so often that they show up on the wheel?

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