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6/28/13 9:27 P

Sorry, just now responding to your comments. I appreciate your being so complimentary and yes, I will consider writing a blog!

BILL60 Posts: 926,616
6/6/13 8:49 A

Welcome to SP. The ride is rough, but getting there is the key.

PATTIE441 Posts: 45,286
6/6/13 1:35 A

That is fantastic! Congratulations! and I think your post would make a great blog and inspire a lot of people. I hope you will consider writing one. I know I didn't feel comfortable writing blogs at first, but I realized that it can really help and inspire a lot of people, and I know you definitely will, and are. You are totally awesome! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

IT-IS-WHATITIS Posts: 1,998
6/4/13 3:53 P

Great success story! Woo Hoo on getting to your goal weight!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

6/4/13 3:41 P

Hello. Wanted to introduce myself and tell you about my success with Sparkpeople. I am a 50-year-old woman, 5'3", 126 pounds. I had a rather difficult back surgery in October of last year and I began putting on weight rapidly. I was at 143 pounds back in March. Due to not being able to get around well, I could not walk very far or move much. I cannot do the treadmill, most weight machines at the gym, and walking is limited. I found Sparkpeople March 15 and I have been recording my weight, exercising, drinking water, and being consistent, and using SP every day. Basically, I found two forms of exercise that I can do well (The Nustep.) a recumbent cardio stepper machine and water aerobics. I then started lifting light weights and doing seated aerobics and lifting weights while seated. I have lost 17 pounds and I am just a pound away from my goal weight of 125. I will continue with SP for a long time to come for maintenance and encouragement and to set other goals for myself, and I want to tell others to keep doing their routines and staying true to their self and their goals they set and wish everybody happy weight loss!

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