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CARIBGAL SparkPoints: (55,667)
Fitness Minutes: (66,695)
Posts: 1,347
10/7/11 8:02 A

Have there been any updates on a webOS SP app? The website is cumbersome to use on a HP Touchpad. The posts aren't readable because the banner on the right covers them. Entering fitness activities invokes new windows. Please develop an app, it would be appreciated.

RLSJR4 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,410)
Posts: 4
7/2/11 12:48 A

Hi! I'm a brand new member and would LOVE a webOS app for my Pre! There's only one nutrition tracking application right now and it's terrible!! I'm glad there's a mobile version of this site, but I would PAY for an application on my beloved Pre AND TouchPad!!!!

NYCJOED Posts: 2
6/20/11 5:22 P

still would like sparkpeople app for webos please. can you say whether or not you are even considering it please?

HISNEWCREATION SparkPoints: (34,821)
Fitness Minutes: (3,746)
Posts: 3,048
3/22/11 11:40 A

Has anything been done on this app yet? I now have the Palm Pre and would love to have a mobile app for Sparkspeople.

5/14/10 10:49 A

Definitely need an app for the palm pixi---so much simpler than using the mobile sight without pinching the screen to zoom so much.

5/10/10 12:59 P

I am also a Palm Pre user as well as my husband. We really would like SparkPeople to try to work on creating an APP for us. :)

LUVNY199 SparkPoints: (33,291)
Fitness Minutes: (32,677)
Posts: 752
4/12/10 8:58 P

Definitely need a Palm app for the Pre/Pixi. The mobile site is too bare bones and it requires too much zooming in and out to use the standard website. I don't want to have to use another program to track my food and fitness.

4/9/10 10:27 P

I agree the mobile version of SparkPeople blows. However they just announced an app for Droid & Blackberry, so perhaps WebOS is not far behind.

KRYSTALILY Posts: 1,259
3/16/10 8:17 A

Wow! It has been a while since I've been to this thread. I have to agree though. When I go to the mobile site, the words are extremely small on the Pre. (Not the pre plus) I have to zoom so far in to see the words. Also, I wanted to have a standalone app so I could log my food or see the healthier suggestions in restaurants. The restaurant list on the mobile site is tiny compared to the actual site. I am actually just using the web app to now go to the actual site since I feel the mobile site is extremely lacking. (this message is being written on my pre now!) I really hope that the site improves eventually, but I do not recommend the mobile site for the Palm Pre. (maybe, as mentioned in the earlier post, the tiny font issue is not as bad on the pre plus or pixi plus).

3/6/10 2:01 P

Sorry, but the Spark People mobile web site needs some work. You can pinch to zoom on the Pre and Pixi, but if the text were simply formatted correctly to begin with, this would not be necessary.

I don't mind the spareness of the graphics, I think a mobile website should be 90% viewable without scrolling or zooming.

Au revoir,


KRYSTALILY Posts: 1,259
12/9/09 4:57 P

Thank you Coach Denise! :)

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
12/9/09 4:53 P

We do not have an app for that, but we do have a mobile site for tracking purposes if your phone is web enabled. This page has more info:> .

Coach Denise

KRYSTALILY Posts: 1,259
12/9/09 3:56 P

Is there an SP application that I can install on my Palm Pre? Thanks!

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