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1/28/13 10:58 A

MFP changes your daily caloric needs based on your FitBit activity? Am I understanding that correctly?

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1/28/13 10:51 A

Sp's nutrition info doesn't change because your range is already taking activity and exercise into account. MFP does not, hence the change for entering activity. As for ratios, SP recommends 50/30/20, but I personally aim for a more even split in fats and proteins, the goal being 40/30/30, although I don't always hit that. I mostly aim for my carbs to be under 50%.

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1/28/13 10:31 A

I'm looking at making a slight switch from Sparkpeople to MyFitnessPal. While I am still sticking around here for the forums, and I'm loosely following the Spark Diet and the guidelines in "The Spark", I like tracking on MFP better. I hate having to go through multiple steps to confirm calorie counts on items. For example (on the iPad app), if I search for "string cheese" I have to select a name of a particular string cheese, THEN select to "see nutritional info". On MFP, can see the calories right away.

Plus, having my target adjust automatically based on my FitBit activity is an added bonus.

Anyhoo, I am curious about what macronutrient ratios Spark gives. I know MFP is 55%/30%/15% (Carbs/Fat/Protein). I am planning on just tracking what I eat normally to start, then adjust my diet gradually rather than dealing with the whole sudden change in my diet again, but I am interested in doing some comparisons between the two sites while I build some personal awareness.

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