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6/4/14 9:11 A

It depends. I drink La Croix, which doesn't have all the artificial nonsense, or I add a twist of lemon to plain mineral water. I used to drink the Target brand sparkling waters with artificial flavorings, and then discovered those were triggering my migraines.

If not now, when?
6/4/14 8:36 A

Maybe whatever makes bubbles is the same as in the soda?
Honestly I am not sure they just kinda seemed a lot
Like soda when I had them

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6/4/14 8:33 A

I like a non-sweetened flavored seltzer occasionally. How "bad" they might be for you depends on why you think that they are "bad".

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6/4/14 8:28 A

I drink them and enjoy them

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6/4/14 7:34 A

I do not think so. With that being said, it does have artificial sweeteners usually. I stay away from those at all costs.

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6/4/14 7:00 A

Is it as bad as diet soda/soda?

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