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10/11/11 9:24 A

Hi! I've been here for 2 years, and the only way I have known of actual birthdays is when it's been discussed on a Sparkteam. Some of the team leaders keep a record, and every day the birthdays are posted. That happens on the Slowest Loser Team and maybe lots of others. They have an announcement somewhere on the team asking when your birthday is, so they can remember it.

The other way people find out is when it is mentioned in conversation in a post - often happens on the Sparkteams, where people know each other, not in the Cafe, which is too large and more impersonal. The other way would be if someone puts it in a blog or on their page, and people read it.

BRENDABUNNY Posts: 4,983
10/10/11 11:38 P

I often will see where my sparkfriends will get goodies and wishes for their birthday and NOT the spark bday their real birthday...does anyone know how we see or know when its our sparkfriends birthdays?
Thank you emoticon

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