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4/4/13 8:05 A

Thanks I was also wondering because all hers has a warm up and cool day

4/4/13 2:54 A

Hi Coach Nancy,

Thank you for taking your time :) ,appreciate...

Well, for my surprise it worked just fine today!! I added in 25 min and selected the workout and it shows me 311 calories burned ...wohoooo !!
Before tracking my fitness I went to my profile and re-entered the weights and saved.

Anyways, its ok now.. Thank you so so much :)

Have a wonderful day !!

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4/3/13 5:14 P


Are the workout times the same? Since the kickboxing workout is just 10 minutes, but you did 25 minutes, did the second value take into account the 15 extra minutes?

Coach Nancy

4/3/13 5:07 P

hi all,

just a quick question...

I did, 25 minutes of the "SparkPeople 10-Minute Cardio Kickboxing Workout Video (Coach Nicole-youtube)" and this
es_burned.asp says 311 calories burned according to my weight BUT when i track my fitness , insert the values it only shows 86 calories burned ????

which should i follow???

plzzzz help

thank you

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