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11/30/10 4:25 P

I was also wonderin the same thing.. I thought they were just for motivation but knowing we can spend them on urself or others is fun it makes you want to do more to get more lol

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11/30/10 6:38 A


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11/30/10 12:54 A


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11/29/10 10:35 P

emoticon 7 today

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11/29/10 6:54 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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11/29/10 12:32 P

emoticon 7

All in good time...and with the help of my friends.
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11/29/10 6:09 A


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11/21/10 12:30 P

Someone recommended you try for 100 points every day as a motivator to exercise. It is hard to get there without cardio and strength training.

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11/21/10 6:49 A

I'm stll kind of new to the spark points so I am not sure, but I like the challenge of earning them. It makes it fun.

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11/19/10 7:43 A


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emoticon 5

All in good time...and with the help of my friends.
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11/18/10 10:18 A


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11/18/10 6:33 A


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11/17/10 8:26 A


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11/13/10 1:41 P

8275 to the next trophy, got's a ways to go

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11/13/10 9:39 A

259 to next trophy

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11/13/10 8:37 A

I have 991 points to my next trophy, Woo Hoo!

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11/10/10 7:34 A


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11/9/10 9:43 P

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11/8/10 6:57 P

emoticon 10

All in good time...and with the help of my friends.
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11/8/10 6:30 A


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11/7/10 10:59 P


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11/7/10 5:31 P

3---almost as low as you can go almost..

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11/7/10 1:25 A


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11/3/10 12:46 P

I am new to the site and just got a trophy, I think it is pretty awesome. I didn't even know we could spend the points, i thought it was all for my own modivation. I have to look into sending goodies now!! Yay!

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11/3/10 11:51 A

5 emoticon

11/2/10 2:36 P


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11/1/10 7:32 P

Spark Points are fun motivational tools - like stickers. Who doesn't like to get a sticker. And a lot of times kids like to give stickers to their good friends, you can give Spark Goodies to your friends on SP using your Spark Points. A great way to show encouragement & friendship! Also wonderful way to keep you reading the educational articles, the more you read, the more points you have to give away goodies:) emoticon

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10/31/10 11:33 A

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10/25/10 4:02 P


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10/25/10 1:12 P


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10/25/10 6:32 A


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10/23/10 11:54 P

Earning sparkpoints is probably like any other virtual game. I try to earn points to get to my next trophy and buy goodies for my fellow sparkies. Also whenever someone gives me a goodie it lifts my spirits, you would think that someone purchased the real item for me.

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10/23/10 10:01 P

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10/12/10 8:19 P

Spark points gets me encouraged to read the articles that are beneficial to me that I wouldn't have taken the time to do before. I am really enjoying the information posted

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10/12/10 8:08 P

It just a fun way to keep me organized. Example: I know I read my spark article when I see I earned points. Another example to stay organized is to see nutrition or exercise spark points are adding up. It is also a way to give sparkfriends and yourself virtual gifts.

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10/12/10 4:55 P

emoticon 2

All in good time...and with the help of my friends.
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10/12/10 1:44 P

The sparkpoints are for fun and motivation. Kinda like a game for grown-ups. I like them, to me it is a measure of how I'm learning about health and fitness.

HARTINGL52 Posts: 2,312
10/6/10 9:21 P

I am very motivated by the sparkpoints. That is what I get from it.

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10/6/10 9:20 P

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10/5/10 9:03 P

What do you get with these sparkpoints?

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10/5/10 6:08 P

How do you get the points?

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10/5/10 4:52 P


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10/4/10 9:45 P

I think the Sparkpoints should offer more than "goodies they should offer you a way to get the T-shirts or something simular.

10/4/10 9:39 P

You can't really spend sparkpoints except for on goodies for yourself and for others. Other than that they are just there for motivation and they are used in challenges to so that you can explore the site and learn more about it.

KIPPERS_2008 Posts: 33
10/4/10 9:22 P

I was wondering if someone would explain what the spark points are for? How should we spend them etc.

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