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3/10/14 2:23 A

Thanks everyone

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If you went through the whole procedure where you choose your weight goal and time range, then the calorie range is designed for healthy weight loss to meet your goal. Probably 1 - 2 pounds per week. As long as you set your goal, it should be right - if you set your goal for maintenance, then maintenance is what you get.

Also, this is the goal set based upon what you declared to be your lifestyle - sedentary, active, etc. And - if you exercise a lot in one day, they will tell you to eat more to make sure you have enough food to get by. That's normal and healthy - if you exercise too much without increasing food intake, you might actually hurt your weight loss program.

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3/9/14 8:12 A

If you go to your Start page, under Step 1 you'll see a button to Track Weight and Other Measurements. Next to that is your weight loss goal. Your calorie range is based on that information.

Coach Jen

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3/9/14 3:21 A

Okay I have been recommended 1200-1,550 Calories , Is this for maintenance or weight loss ? How can I check that , I am very confused .

I read this article which left me even more confused .


Refuse to lose
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