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4/16/13 8:17 P

You don't receive personalized meal plans, but you do get to email a question each week to the coaches and we do our best to help you with it. You also get daily videos or another form of a "program" to help you on your journey, along with various other tasks to help you reach your goals.

The general price will be $8.99 per month, but we might run different types of offers for the first month, or for 3-month packages for example. Also keep in mind you can get a completely free 1-week trial before paying anything or entering your credit card, but you aren't able to email a coach during the trial period. I thought I would also mention that we currently have a special promotion going on that if you pre-order our new book, The Spark Solution, you get 2 free workout DVDs and 3 free months of SparkCoach. This page has more info about that:

Coach Denise

DOE1164 Posts: 103
4/16/13 6:18 P

What has been your experience with the Spark Coaches addition?
I went to the page but you receive the same on every topic you choose.
Are there personalized meal plans depending on your goals?
Does the coach advise you regarding the exercise routine that best suits you?
I'd like to have more info before I consider taking this step.
And, oh yeah. What is the cost and are you satisfied with what you receive?
Thanks for the input! emoticon

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