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10/24/12 10:24 P

I'm always afraid to click on an ad, I am suspicious that they may be trojan spyware.

KACEYSW Posts: 4,199
10/24/12 5:22 P

I just ignore the ad content, but I do click on 1 per day to support the site. I just block anything they try to send.

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10/24/12 11:32 A

Thanks for the tip BEMORESTUBBORN.

10/24/12 10:35 A

When I joined in 2006, I understood and accepted that ads kept this wonderful site free. But since that time, ads have become intrusive and ubiquitous and frankly, annoying. I switched to Firefox and installed AdBlock Plus. It makes all of the ads disappear and I can concentrate on what I come here to do...

10/24/12 10:28 A

its the server they're monitoring, so whatever others at your work place are surfing it may come up in your spark ads.

For me, I am SURE no one is getting ads Magic: The Gathering's latest set called Return to Ravnica or the latest Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying book, or the latest is in latex fetishwear.....

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10/24/12 9:50 A

my employer's ads have been all over the Spark screens lately! Are they watching me...saying "GET TO WORK"?

eke...they are even on the emote page! Good thing I've seen the same ads when accessing the site from home, or I'd be really paranoid.

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