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7/19/14 1:56 P

Thanks for the suggestion!

Coach Jen

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JOYFUL62 Posts: 442
7/19/14 12:31 P

I would like to suggest you consider occasionally weed out those members of the Spark Teams that are inactive. While I recognize that it looks really good when you are selling advertising to say you have X number of members (and I am not suggesting doing anything with the Sparkpages), when you are looking for support from a team and you join a team that is listed as having thousands of members it is really discouraging to find that only a handful are actually participating members. I joined a team this week and as I am getting familiar with the team it has over 7000 members listed, but only 4 are actually participating and only 2 of the 4 'team leaders' have posted in the last 2 months. Its hard to imagine that anyone is getting much support from the team. I have had this experience frequently. I know I myself have joined teams and not been an active participant. It would have been appropriate for someone to email me and say - if your not interested, please remove yourself, if not, we will remove you in X weeks if you haven't participated.


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