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6/18/13 10:24 A

The Kindle version counts. However, I will forewarn you that from personal experience, I don't think e-readers are the best way to read informational books like this one. There are lots of charts, things you'll want to highlight, etc. Getting a copy of the book is what I recommend. That's just personal preference. (I love e-readers for novels, just not for informational books or cookbooks.)

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6/18/13 10:03 A

I would like to order the Kindle version of the Spark Solution. Will I be eligible to win the prizes advertised and participate in the challenge? or is that only for hard copy book owners?

Looking forward to the challenge!

5/12/13 9:06 P

For the order number, try the transaction number from the receipt.

5/12/13 8:57 P

I guess you need help from tech support. Since I ordered from Amazon online, somehow the fact that I tried to fill out the form triggered the email I got. Good luck!

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5/12/13 8:14 P

OK, let me try this again.

It will not LET me submit the form without an order number. When I hit submit, a message pops up that says I need the input the order number. So nobody can send me anything if I can't submit the form telling them I've purchased the book.


5/12/13 7:18 P

I had the same question when I signed up for the gifts and right after I posted my question on the team, an email showed up with the # on it. I guess it automatically comes to your email, once you fill out the info. So I think you'll be getting the # you need soon, if you haven't already gotten it by now.

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5/12/13 6:59 P

So I went to Barnes & Noble today and purchased The Spark Solution. I tried to fill out the form for my freebies and to join the 2-week team, but it requires an order number, despite the fact that I said I purchased it in the store.

So how do I have an order number? Help!! I would really like to start this together with the rest of the group tomorrow, but without an order number, I'm stuck.


4/7/13 8:56 A

Hi! The book definitely has plenty to offer you. I invite you to visit and download the first chapter for free.

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4/7/13 2:21 A

Hi Stepf,
Thank you for your helpful reply. I've just switched to a truly wicked biking routine for 30 min. 6x a week, which is one of the only cardio exercises I can do, and some sit down "boxing" which also creates quite a burn! I do strengthiening exercises with one of the most skukum resistance bands out there, and I do some P90x routines, so I'm doing quite a bit already. My friends tell me they don't want to get on my bad side b/c of my fairly muscular arms, and I can beat my husband at arm wrestling when I use my strong arm and he uses his "weaker" one. My husband's 6'3" and hasn't got a "weak" bone in his body! emoticon
Can your book offer anything I'm missing??
Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

4/4/13 8:27 A

Hi, DOE1164.
I'm one of the authors of "The Spark Solution," and I'm happy to answer your questions.
The book is NOTHING like any of the books you mentioned--it is uniquely SparkPeople. We don't have three "stages" but do focus on boosting metabolism, creating momentum, and inspiring motivation. I should also point out that though we used the word "diet" on the cover, this is a two-week plan designed to build healthy habits you'll continue for life. Unlike other plans, which you abandon when you reach your goal weight (leading to yo-yo dieting), "The Spark Solution"--just like designed to stick with you for life, leading to lasting weight loss and life-long healthy habits!
There are 70 recipes and a 2-week 1,500 calorie meal plan. The workouts can be customized. The strength moves are not all suitable for someone in a wheelchair, but the cardio workouts are your choice. If you do decide to purchase the book, I can share with you all of Coach Nicole's seated workout routines so you could swap those in.
Even without being able to do the strength workouts, I think you would still find the book useful. Let me know if you have any other questions!

DOE1164 Posts: 103
4/4/13 12:58 A

Okay. What's the deal with this book? Do the 3 stages resemble or copy the 3 stages of South Beach and a hundred other plans? What about the workouts? Are they doable for people in wheelchairs who are not able to stand due to no balance? Before I fork out more money on another book, I'd like to know what I'm getting!
Thanks. My apologies for sounding very cynical but I've wasted so much money on diet books etc. and they always end up on the shelf collecting dust because they don't work! Don't have the coin for that!

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