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4/15/10 11:37 A


Hope the eventual solution helps you too.


4/15/10 11:36 A

Thanks, Denise.

That's great! I'm first glad to know that I wasn't just doing something wrong, and I'm happy to hear their working on it. I'm sure they've got a big job, because this is a pretty intensive website.

Yes, my test recipe will stay there until I hear of a solution.

Many thanks...


4/15/10 8:38 A

Need to go to the store was stopping here prior for help and suggestions.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,292
4/14/10 4:44 P

Dee - The tech team sees that there is a problem with that and will be looking into it soon to get a fix for it. I'm not sure what the time frame is, but they will get it fixed. Will you make sure to leave that recipe in your recipe box, so we have a good example of what's wrong?


Coach Denise

4/14/10 2:09 P

Thanks. That's a great suggestion.

I can do that, but I am still wondering why the grocery planner isn't working.

I work out of the home full time, and am mom in a blended family of seven children between the ages of 9 and 20. Five of them live at home with us. Between taxi rides, school meetings, homework, piano lessons, and managing the often stormy waters of five teenage girls, my time is very very limited. Any automated system is especially appreciated, but an automated system that doesn't work can be frustrating.

I'm still hoping there's a technical solution to my problem, because manually making lists of grocery items menus every few days may prove to be too difficult, and will be unsustainable.

Again, I appreciate your comments. Do you have an ongoing non-perishable list, or do you write up the list on your own?

CHATTIEGIRL Posts: 3,949
4/12/10 11:53 P

I like to go over my recipes and make list of ingredients I do not have so when I go shopping I will but non perishable items to keep in stock every couple of weeks. Then when I cook them I just buy the perishable items. Saves money in the long run.

4/12/10 5:56 P

I have discovered recipes, and the inter-active connection to the meal plan. I love it! But here's my challenge:

I want to use the meal planner grocery list for the recipes that I make for the entire family. (Making two complete menus for me, and my family, is not going to work for me. I want to reduce the time of cooking by eating the same things as much as possible.) The meal planner grocery list is very helpful for me, but I wanted to use it to incorporate recipes that I can make for the entire family. does this, and I have been entering some favorite recipes to try it out, but I've discovered a a flaw.

When I import a recipe from SparkRecipes into the mealplanner, the servings on the grocery list don't come out right. For example,

A recipe that serves 6 asks for

1 can of corn
6 potatoes

After I enter the information into, then add it to my meal, NO MATTER HOW I ENTER IT, the grocery list prints either:

1 can of corn
1 potato


6 cans of corn
6 potatoes.

They're both wrong. This makes for very confusing grocery lists, but I don't know how to solve this.

Has anyone else run into this? Can anyone help?

(If you want to check this out, you can check out my recipes and try the "Test Recipe" to see what I mean.)

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