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1/2/14 9:50 A

emoticon MARTINE08
Thanks for joining in. I am here and ready to help any time you need a friend. This is my probably 100th attempt to lose 50 pounds. I usually get to 20-25pounds and quit! I truly want to reach my goal this time so I need all the help I can get too.

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1/2/14 9:35 A

I'm in...can use always use more motivation. I have the exercise portion down pat....I've maintained for a year but no THIS is my year to LOSE!
So I'm up for Daily Accountability and Encouragement!

IZZY216 Posts: 544
1/2/14 9:31 A

well, I was hoping that maybe someone would need a friend to help keep them motivated.
But NO takers yet. No matter, I am here if anyone needs a push in the right direction. I saw on GMA this morning 3 ladies who in the last year has lost half their weight.

1 weighed 260 and in 1 year has lost 130 pounds
1 weighed 390 and was down to 132 pounds
1 weighed 400 and was down to 127 pounds......WOW!!!!!!!!
if they can do I can lose at lease 50!

IZZY216 Posts: 544
12/31/13 3:14 P

Ok, a few hours left of this year and I am ready for the New Year and excited to get started.
Tomorrow I will start fresh and New. I will set my goals and aim high with the belief that I can do this, we all can do this. I am hoping to lose 10 pounds in Jan.2014 and excited to imagine reaching that goal.

Happy New Year & New You 2014!!!!

IZZY216 Posts: 544
12/30/13 6:46 P

If your New Year's resolutions include losing weight and getting fit. Spark Pals 4 Daily Accountability & Encouragement through support and motivation is the place for you. Now that you have made a decision to lose those extra pounds and get fit, you will need friends to help you along your way. This forum is for anyone who needs daily motivation, accountability and support. You can post your questions, thoughts or ask for support. Please keep this thread focus on the challenge at hand, losing and getting fit. Losing weight is not easy and we all will make mistakes but now we can count on Spark Pals to help get us back on track. Please become a Spark Pal and give & get the help you need. "Happy New Healthy Year!" emoticon

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