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7/27/13 4:15 A

Well, that's a shame. Day 2 and there are no exercise videos. I watched three information ones though.

Looks like this challenge is a bust. :-( No one interested at all in this?

LEXIE63 SparkPoints: (112,682)
Fitness Minutes: (102,505)
Posts: 10,631
7/26/13 7:20 A

Hi Everyone!

I'd like to challenge you to do this every day. When you log in to spin the wheel there is a daily exercise video, something different each day.

I challenge you to do as much of the daily video each day as you can manage.

For example, today my video was the 18-Minute Boot Camp Cardio Sculpt taken from Nicole's 28 Day Bootcamp DVD, and I played along with a will, managing everything except the couiple of floor exercises. My knees prohibit that, so I improvised using the wall, and played during those bits.

So, your daily challenge is to attempt whatever video you get each day, then post here telling us which video you got, and how well you did. If you couldn't do much, it doesn't matter, as long as you try, and take into account any health issues you have. A nice big juicy sparkgoodie for any people who are consistent here. :-) How many days can you keep this challenge going?

Post the number of days, name of the video, link to the video, and how you did.

So, here I am:

Day 1

18-Minute Boot Camp Cardio Sculpt taken from Nicole's 28 Day Bootcamp DVD

I completed it, adapting the mat segments because of my knees. I used the wall instead and stood for those bits, and made it up as it went along. I just made sure to keep moving! :-)

Good luck everyone! :-)
Lex xxx

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