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2/14/13 2:07 P

I have been with my wife for over 20 years...married 16 of them...

I have never bought her a valentine gift/card/flowers and I refuse to tell say "I Love You" on this day. Yes...I have gotten away with it and it has become a game which I finally lost today, I slipped this morning and said "love ya"....

When we first started dating, I went into a huge rant about how this day was only created by the Flower and Chocolate Cartels with Hallmark leading the way. I don't remember it all, but it was actually pretty funny. I had them meeting in smokey rooms plotting a way to get our money...they chose February because the flower cartel needed an infusion of money to hire and pay their summer help. The chocolate cartel needed to sell off their stores before the summer heat ruined their "crop".

As to the other question that some may ask....the answer is no.


2/14/13 11:54 A

It is absolutely necessary to buy a Valentine's gift for your wife, significant other, etc. It is bad for your health NOT to do so....

Men, men, men, men, men, men, men, men..

2/14/13 11:49 A

Today's challenge for you menfolk: buy her a gift, it's totally a TRAP if she says don't buy her a gift today.

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2/13/13 11:47 A


You are welcome anytime.

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2/13/13 10:14 A

sorry guys I won't post again just letting you know that SP's members are 72% female, that may explain some of what you're seeing. Go get em guys!!

2/13/13 9:48 A

Alright men, today's challenge: stay away from any junk food that may accidently present itself to you and for heaven's sake, if you eat in a cafeteria type place don't let the lunch lady PILE UP FOOD on your plate!

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2/7/13 2:37 P

I like the idea that there is a thread for guys only. It's like being in the "Little Rascals" He-man woman-haters Club.

It's true what is said here. Most of the teams on SP are run by women. I've quit two teams already because the team wasn't about fitness or a team centered around an activity, but just a group of women who wanted to chat the day away as though this were FB.

Buy the way, I do belong to the guy's lounge.

2/7/13 1:25 P

LOL, Brother, I wasn't talking about me but hey, thanks for the words of encourangement!

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2/7/13 12:55 P

I wouldn't say that my man. I'd say I heard you loud and clear.... You really set the example of what it takes to get you life back in a really big way. Keep posting bro...

2/7/13 11:49 A

....and so yet another *failed* attempt at a guy trying to be heard on these boards, LOL!

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2/6/13 9:47 A

KJFITNESSDUDE - *RESPECT*... dude you are a champion!!!!

i love your quotes on your signature. its NOT ok to eat garbage.... im such a foodie....

love the weights, im working with a trainer and it has made a huge difference in my strength, im big into Kettlebells as well....

2/6/13 9:43 A

In August of 2006 I was 240lbs and being short (5'6") I was FAT! I also have diabetes and at that time it was uncontrolled.

Today I am 190lbs and at 50 I am in the best shape of my life. I use to make fun of men who lifted weights thinking they were all jerks and no brains but after I lost my initial weight (from 240 to 168) I looked like a deflated bag. My buddy asked me how was I gonna take care of that flab and stretchmarks (which hadn't developed yet). He gave a few copies of Muscle & Fitness magazine and that's how I started to reshape my body and not only good for my age but actually looked and felt like I was in my late 30's.

I used "VANITY" as my motivator and though most might think thats shallow I can tell you that it most definitely works. Re-shaping my body gave me confidence (I seriously lacked that most of my life), increased my social status, its a shame people don't like to talking to short fat bald guys but they like talking to buffed ones, I have a smokin hot gf (who's my age) and am Living the Dream as they say.

My friends & family respect me more now and I am, in a word, happy (i.e. I LIKE myself).
I consider July 1, 2007 as my "RE-birthday" as that was the day I had lost 50 since I August the previous year, I started lifting weights and I started to shave my head.

When I eat clean like I am now I feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good.

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2/6/13 9:13 A

Hi, Im Robert and there are lots of guys here, we are just spread out. There are Sparkteams that are men only
For example:

I have been on other sites as well and it is the same everywhere. One of the reasons that there are far more women on social networking and lifestyle sites like is simply that men have a tendency to be cowboys and do their own thing. Women are far more apt to look for support, interaction, and are more willing to share their struggles. Men tend to just suck it up and deal with everything on their own.

Us guys are just wired that way.

There are also Message Boards with guys only discussions such as
The Guys Lounge:

Check out the various fitness teams and you will find guys there who are involved with those disciplines..P90x, Crossfit, Running, Cycling etc....

WE ARE HERE!!! Men Unite! and let's get strong :)

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2/6/13 8:52 A

There always seems to be an over abundance of the female perspectives, opinions and sentiments in the articles, videos and blogs on this web-site! It would amost seem that guys are the minority (which we probably are) and don't matter when it comes to making healthy changes, being active parents, cooking in the home or having emotions what-so-ever which is wrong!) I am not saying that guys are leaders in these things but while woman cry out for equal time and equal voice, they don't realize that they are guilty of the same crimes (failing to include the guys) that they blame men for! This thread is for the men to unite and encourage one another and have a place to voice their perspectives!
Any of you guys out there have anything to say for yourselves. And lets try to keep these posts on the brighter side of life!

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